Sleazy Peek: Tell - What Can You Do For Me (Quartet Series)

Dutch Don Nachtbraker is expanding his already rather impressive musical empire with yet another Quartet series. While we were still busy penning down a review slash label spotlight to sing the praises of the Bodybuilder series and Scott Franka's inaugural release, Maurits uncaged the beast that is the Trophy Series. He's staying true to his love for juxtaposing the dark and the bright, the moody and the uplifting, but instead of samplers with a rougher and a more polished side, he's opted for two different sublabels. The Bodybuilder Quartet is an outlet for a darker shade of house: ballsy leftfield gear that's a little rough around the edges. The Trophy Series is set to become a different beast altogether: smile-inducing house music aimed squarely at the hips. Which is kind of our thing, ya know?

French Wunderkind Tell gets to kick off proceedings with his 'Faster Than Light EP'. Tell's profile has been seriously on the rise over the past few years with killer stuff on labels like Banoffee Pies, In Any Case, Beat X Changers and the first Quartet Series, and he's churned out a pearl of an EP here. As premieres are the name of the game these days (the days of the good old-fashioned hype sheet are definitely over aren't they) all tracks will be revealed over the course of the next few weeks, but since Maurits is a good pal of mine I managed to get dibs on my favourite tune of the bunch (screw the hype sheet, good old-fashioned nepotism for the win!): What Can You Do For Me.

It's deeper than Kate Upton's cleavage, with big rolling drums, moody pads, silky-smooth rhodes and a perfect vocal hook. Think HNNY with a dash of motor-city soul and you get the picture. Expect to hear this all over the shop this summer. What a sterling debut for this exciting new venture.

Keep an eye our for pre-sales (Decks and already have it up) and keep checking these pages for that Sleazy Spotlight on all things Quartet.