Sleazy Peek: Loz Goddard - Murmur (Outplay)

Our good friends over at Outplay HQ have been properly slow-roasting and curating their fine imprint chock full of chunky belters over the past couple years, ever since dropping their insanely good First Things First EP back in 2014 (have a wee scroll on these pages, we gave it the glowing review it deserved) that flew off the shelves. Five ep's later they've enlisted the talents of our favourite Mancunian Loz Goddard once again to take the reins of their latest voyage. The boys sent over the belter of a release a month or so ago and we loved it to bits - with one track, 'Murmur' sticking out for us in particular. Click away and read on, dear reader.

The cut in question is the B2, the deepest on the EP, kicking off with warm overlapping keys followed by a laid-back breezy beat. At this stage the track could well be mistaken for a proper deep houser with a shift of only a few gears. Effortlessly building though - with various percussion and synthlines, the track ramps up the vibes ever so gradually, with the full snare and backbeat snapping in around a third of the way through. By this time your head is fully nodding and you're on the edge of your barstool when an old school funk vocal about 'finding somebody new' chimes in that is proper sing-a-long-able. Cue dancing on the dinner table while I write. Then cut to a tight synth-noodling breakdown at around the 4:30 mark and you've got a textbook warm/yet jamming house cut that's ready to do the damage as we've come to expect from the Outplay crew, and Loz Goddard respectively.

Credit where it's due, the Outplay guys are non-stop business when it comes to putting out amazing records, they really haven't led us astray as of yet. Keep an eye out for this one when it drops around late June-ish, and keep an ear out for it this summer in the club and festival circuit around europe. These Outplay records are some of the best kept secrets in our ever-growing collections, gotta catch em all. Mazel tov from the Sleazy crew to all involved!