Sleazy Peek: Marcel Lune - Freedom [Pusic Records]

Austrian noise-makers, Pusic Records, tap Marcel Lune for his second artist EP on the imprint and it does not disappoint. Fans of the label will instantly recognize the signature, hazy disco vibes the camp has become known for and delight in the treats to be found. Here, we get deep into the offerings on deck with a sleazy lil peek at the A2 cut, "Freedom."

There's something classic and unmistakable about D.C. LaRue's anthemic "Cathedrals," which is leveraged heavily here to wondrous affect. Where as the original tune finds despair and redemption in the love and lust of hedonistic night-life, Marcel ditches all but the bass groove for his flip. Peppering the aural landscape with analogue arpeggios, layers of percussions and African vocal chants.. we're greeted with an entirely different vibe that is uplifting and care-free.

Peep the full release below and get your pre-order game locked HERE. Dropping in early June.