Sleazy Peek: Saint Paul - Loin des Yeux d'Hélios [Moonrise Hill Material]

If you're reading this blogpost, you're probably already familiar with the stylings of Lyon-based house crew Moonrise Hill Material. We're big fans of the collective and they've rapidly taken the scene by storm over the last two years. Sliding in the for the seventh release is co-founder Saint Paul - also known as Okwa - who previously contributed single tracks to MHM compilations, but now makes his full debut.

The Introspection EP is quintessential Moonrise Hill Material; combining disco and postdisco groovers with smooth, sample-based house cuts on the same package. While the A-side aesthetically falls into the former category, the flip gets deep and jazzy. In the B2 slot of this fine piece of wax lies our Sleazy Peek for the occasion, "Loin des Yeux d'Hélios" ("far from the eyes of Helios" for our anglophones). Man, this cut is straight silky. A jazzy bassline and rhodes combo sets the table, accompanied by sweet hi-hats and a tasty, layered clap. A peace-evoking woodwind solo takes the forefront of the arrangement, smartly sprinkled throughout. Hell, there's even some far-eastern string work delicately placed in there. It's a powerful and emotive track meant for soundtracking the sunrise at the end of a beautiful night. Anyways, enough talking. Here's the damn song.

The five-track EP - set to hit stores in June - is a lovely addition to the MHM discography and a very strong debut EP from Saint Paul. If past trends are any indication, it won't be in stock for long, so set up that reminder on Juno or whatever your vinyl dealer of choice may be.


  1. Feeling that "Diamond In The Sky" cut...great production all the way around though.


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