Soul Reductions - Got 2 Be Loved [Take Away]

When I sat down to consider Soul Reductions, the virtually unheard of production outfit based in North London, and their blinding debut for the equally mysterious Take Away label, it's probably ideal to refer to the classic adage: "less is more." Such is the case here. Despite the infinite wisdom accessible a mere finger-stroke away, my diligence at (lightly) scouring the inter webs have left little in the ways of illuminating information on either camp. It might be equally ideal here to implore a second cliche: "let the music speak for itself," which it certainly does...loudly so.

Title track, "Got 2 Be Loved" covers the span of the A-side at 7 minutes plus and anchors it's feet firmly on the floor while thick, sampled grooves encourage multiple hands-to-the-sky moments. Relying on a hypnotic disco loop that whips and teases the listener, one can only recall the halcyon days of the French Touch movement and their deft utilization of the "less is more" ethos. This one's already found favor with heavy hitters like Jimpster, Admin and was featured early on in Kornel Kovacs recent Boiler Room set.

Flip it over and the vibe takes a dive towards deeper depths with "A Rose Is A Rose." Equally groove-laden, this one is lead by chunky percussion riffs, sparkly keyboard melodies and cooing vocal snippets. The breakdown is pure baby-making music and perfect for those intimate moments on the dancefloor or in the bedroom.

Still a few copies of this floating around... a small handful at Pacific Beach Vinyl... a smattering at Piccadilly and others as well...but I'd act fast, certainly don't wanna let this one get cold.



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