Tale of Tales: Chapter 02 [Lagaffe Tales]

Welp. Pour a cold one and fire up the charcoal 'cause the spring releases just keep on rollin'. As if our online carts didn't feel packed enough, another set of good times vibes is dropping for sale. Next up is a top selection of premium grade, grass-fed cuts from Lagaffe Tales. Don't worry either. These babies come pre-marinated with groove! Tale of Tales: Chapter 2 is the third vinyl installment by the lads from Reykjavík and we can't wait to slap one on the platter.

For the appetizer, Jónbjörn and Viktor keep it fresh and local with a track from Felix Leifur. 'Eitt' delivers a dose of warm, jazz-infused samples sure to excite your rhythmic taste buds. Reminds me of a similar chunky jam 'Eyelids' he put out on Dirt Crew recently. Both awesome starters for the menu. Be careful though. You don't want to spoil your meal.

Like a rare fine wine, the bookend of the A-side hosts two producers who need no introduction. They've had a string of chart-toppers on Razor-N-Tape and Toy Tonics of late, and a bunch of edits vital to many a DJ set. As the song title alludes, German duo COEO have put forth a fluttery groover that will surely make you wish you were wearing your "sunnies" and sipping a cocktail before dinner. Also, in true COEO fashion, the track ebbs and flows under a super tight kick clap combo. Blink and you'll miss the shapes in the sky!

When you flip the wax you're on to the next course. Vienna man Moony Me takes the third slot and doesn't disappoint. When he says he likes sampling "to sample his own soul," he's not kidding. Just listen to his last release 'Contemplatin' on Klamauk. Nothing but net there. House music for the soul indeed. As the B1 here, 'Soul Mirage' is a percussive beauty with a wicked bassline that stays with you like your Granny's special sauce. It also features that slightly detuned baby grand in the corner of your childhood home you remember so well. Try to keep from tapping your feet with this one.

Still got room for desert? Ready for that second bottle of red? Well slice the cake, pop the cork, and let Sune help finish the evening right. The Swede's final addition to the EP is fanfunkingtastic. It's a little sweet and gooey at first, but after a few bites you can't get enough. I've enjoyed playing Sune's stuff out for a while because he always seems to add that extra ingredient to send the night over the edge. Plus, as my Sleazy colleagues know I'm a sucker for some good ol' horn stabs. Pair those with an infectious swinging high hat and I'm hooked.

Don't miss out on these carefully catered choices. These are four tunes that will turn any barbecue into a party. They'll also most certainly fly off the shelves quickly.

Out on 12 May from your favorite Juno and Deejay bodegas.