Interstate - Seconds Of Your Love EP (Waxtefacts)

Hours of our love,
that's what this 6th outing on the Waxtefacts imprint will get.

It's no secret that we've been a fan of the label's releases from the get-go, but their latest just might be the best thing the guys, and German producer Interstate in particular, have put out to date.

When listening to Interstate's music, the tracks, while certainly club-ready, exude a sense of softness and joie de vivre that can be hard to find in our line of work. Never over- nor underwhelming, with just the right amount of kick and layers of sound that have been carefully combined to near perfection.

When giving the record it's first spin, the keys on opener 'Karl-Löwe-St. Groove', like a butterfly fluttering through the air, captivate and soothe, before the track builds into a disco-fueled dancefloor weapon that will undoubtedly work it's magic throughout the summer season. The vocal sample from which the EP lends it's title, combined with more feelgood pianowork, violins and a funky-as-f bassline, make for a track that will probably get more hands in the air than Biebs paying a surprise visit to an all-girl junior high.

The A2, 'Dragosh Likes Congas', starts off vaguely reminiscent of  Amelie Poulin, with a piano line that's followed by one of the most seductive trumpets we've heard since Chaos In The CBD's '78 To Stanley Bay'. A truly sultry affair, this one, and perhaps our favourite of the bunch. If it is indeed labelhead Dragosh banging on those conga's, we would like to invite him to our next SB drum circle.

The picture side kicks off with 'Disco Laura', a breezy tune perfectly suited for playing outside. It's playful percussion and recurring 'I'm trippin on you' sample had us smiling time after time. No clue who Laura is but, after having this tune on repeat, we would love to meet her!

'Yuki No Shiro' concludes the EP on a slightly more moody note. Introduced by a 1-minute percussive workout, we welcome the piano for one last time. Mesmerizingly soft and hopeful, it combines with the drum kit and bass as if we were at a live jazz club right before closing time. A truly beautiful conclusion to a standout record.

If you slept on this one (again?), keep an eye on the WXTFX website and facebook  for any repress info.