Sleazy Peek: Closed Paradise - Praise (FINA)

FINA has been in the finest of forms lately, with class stuff from Ponty Mython and perennial Sleazy favourite Saine dropping a pearl of an EP in the first half of the year. Now FINA welcomes Closed Paradise to the fold, who really knocks it out of the park  with 'Praise'. My my, I knew our pal from Montpellier had a knack for a deep and driving tackle, but he really outdid himself here. A subtle, intricate and undulating groove that brings Ben La Desh's best work to mind, fingersnaps/claps that would do Charles Webster proud, some smooth synth lines and a breakdown of Behemothic proportions make for an epic 6 minute ride. Play. Repeat. All summer long.

Out mid-July on 12" with two electro-tinged cuts on the flip, go seek!

Pre-order at Redeye