Sleazy Peek: P-Sol - Moods (Whiskey Pickle)

NYC-based P-Sol has been cranking out smooth sample-based cuts and edits with a clever hip-hop aesthetic for a few years now. Some may even be familiar with his label, Wall of Fame, which specializes in tasty V/A's of the disco edit variety and is now venturing into the realm of artist EPs. For his most recent effort, he's linked up with Whiskey Pickle on their third wax outing. Side note, our buddy and fellow Sleazy Crewman Davey Schacherl (aka The Silver Rider) co-runs the imprint!

Heavy Frequencies hosts the disco stomper "Water", the downtempo soul chugger "Don't Wanna Be", and the multifaceted chunky groover, "Your Dance". Sitting in the B1 slot you have, in my view, the tastiest track on the record, and our Sleazy Peek for the EP!

"Moods" is quintessential P-Sol: patiently looped sections layered with drums and complimentary samples belonging to a 90's hip-hop fanatic. Lush Rhodes chops build the intro as the vibrophone licks slowly gets drizzled on - above a warm, paced bassline. Ultimately, the filters cut in for a sweet transition and give way to the exquisite strings that truly make the song.  "Moods" a juicy soul jazz flip (think Lonnie or Roy) that sets the mood perfectly for sleazy early night vibes, or soundtracking that late night workshop.

The EP is a cool changeup from the more synth-heavy nu-disco stylings of the first two vinyl efforts of the imprint, and WPW will undoubtedly seek to balance both palates in their future catalogue. Be sure to keep an eye out for the Pickle as well as the always-grinding P-Sol! Wax hits stores in July and is available to preorder on Juno.