Junktion - Make Believe No. 2 (Make Believe Disco)

* cough * self-promotion of the shameless variety alert..

Just wanted to let you know that the second release on Sleazy Beats offshoot Make Believe Disco by our dear friend Junktion - or Hans to his nan - just came out. The Piccadilly crew penned down a really nice review, so instead of tooting our own horn, we'll let them do the talking:

"Sleazy Beats kick off another imperative collection of records following on from the sell-out Black Ops series. Dutchman Junktion inaugurates the set, serving up three functional and highly enjoyable jams that fit that nail that sleazy aesthetic down to a tee. 

"In Blue Forests" is the showpiece here, a mystic and dynamic piece which journeys through mid-afternoon haze on a hot beach in search for the next dance party, a redolent synth motif occasionally breaking through the relaxed but direct rhythms. "That's What's Coming" is Balearic-boogie (new genre? surely not): sloppy, languid but with rigid drums and a solid foundation, allowing the synth flurries and keyboard motifs all the space they need to show off their finesse. 

Finally, "Friend's & Strangers" draws on a proper post millennial melting pot of styles; a dash of strings, disco horns and some tropical condiments added to a concentric, house-friendly groove for that summery flavour that crosses genre boundaries with ease. 

Mega stuff here. Likely to fly out - move fast!"

It was actually French Wunderkind Folamour who kicked off the series, but hey, details details, they both start with a b right? The Picc scribes WERE right about the record flying out though. It sold out from the distro on pre-sale, so here's a convenient list of shops that still have it in stock for you which we'll try to keep up to date in the next few days/weeks.

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