Sleazy Peek: Delakeyz - Our Roots (Moony Me's Diaspora Remix) [UKNOWY Music]

When you think of Munich what's the first thing that comes to mind? Possibly Oktoberfest and Brezel?! Maybe it's a cliché but don't worry. They've exported Oktoberfest around the world and brezels taste good. Munich is also known for music. For myself it's the Munich (Disco) Sound and Blumentopf (german hip hop group).

The sound of the Munich based label UKNOWY carries on with the spirit in form of beat-tapes and club-ready 12 inches. Here I will focus on their 12" series but feel free to check out the tapes as well.

Foregone 12" by Peter Clamat (with a massive Daniel Leseman remix) and Nemoy introduced the label's dancefloor approach. All organic & laced with jazz samples and gritty beats.

The newest offer comes from swiss based Delakeyz. The record contains three lovely original productions and two remixes (Moony Me and Contours). My pick and our Sleazy Peek is the Moony Me remix.

He turns "Our Roots" into an rough and atmospheric peak time weapon. Jazz piano, wooden drums and barretto-esque percussions. The whole nine yards!

An essential record for fans of Rhythm Section, Lagaffe Tales and 22a.

Pre-order & buy the record here: Delakeyz - Our Roots EP