Sleazy Peek: Felix Leifur - Universal Rim [Bobby Donny]

Well, well, well. Look who's back with another Sleazy Peek. It's our pal Felix Leifur. This time he's brought his A-game to Frits Wentink's Bobby Donny imprint. The new Hamptons EP from the Icelandic producer fits right nicely into what we've come to expect from the direction Frits is taking the label. 

The label boss himself is quick to note how Leifur — also one half of David & Hjalti — has proved adept at "succulent deep house and atmospheric prone beats." This release is no different. The four cuts offered up to the musical masses are jazzy, smoothly organic, and laced with warm percussive patterns. To be a little sneaky-peeky, this time we chose to highlight the second B-side offering, 'Universal Rim'. While it is the grooviest of the other tracks on the record, it stood out to me more because of its bouncy, woody tones, and fluttery drums. Once more, label boss Frits hit it on the head when he called the track "quite intoxicating." I certainly agree.

Don't sleep on the rest of the album either. Leifur put together a nice package for our ears. It may not be the driving, gritty house we've heard from him on Dirt Crew and Lagafee Tales, but that's a good thing. This work shows growth in his production and it's high in quality where it lacks floor-filling groove.

Ultimately, I think both the album and Bobby Donny (as a home for music) are proof that great art often doesn't happen without experimentation.

Cop it on, Juno, and the usual shops starting on July 21.