Sleazy Peek: Malouane - Akiwowo [Lagaffe Tales]

Bang the drums. Sound the horns. The next Sleazy Peek on the docket is a proper rhythmic head-bopper on Lagaffe Tales. For the label's fourth vinyl installment, In Any Case co-founder Malouane presents us with a six track EP that travels through his many musical influences. For our purposes, we're focusing on the flip side. 

'Akiwowo' churns and builds from start to finish for nearly six minutes. A steady, full kick, nicely offsets some well-placed percussion, pushing the track forward ever so slightly. A light sprinkling of claves and djembes also add further depth to Malouane's warm keys. The name itself, in Nigerian lore, refers to a legendary train conductor from the 1930's. If you ask me, a fitting sample homage. One can almost feel the train wheels grinding around and around down the rails. 

The background chorus also gives thanks to the trainman, chanting "o se o" along the way, which adds yet another layer to an already powerful story line. This will be a great B1 to drop at any summer party, as we give thanks to our musical forefathers and dance into the sunset.

Take Me Back to Clavius EP is out on 8 Sept through the usual online channels.

Here is a bonus download from the Free Tales series if you're savvy.