Midnight City Sleazy Beats Label Night

We usually don't post about events round these parts, but we gladly make an exception for a proper Sleazy Beats label night our friends from Midnight City are hosting on the 14th of October at Canvas in Amsterdam. We first met the crew behind Midnight City when Ben La Desh played for them many moons ago. As dads we hardly go out as much as we'd like but I don't think I missed a single one of their parties since. It's not just that the Midnight City Soundsystem (Vincent and Joyce) are easily my favourite DJs in town, or that they've booked a seriously impressive string of international talent (Andy Hart, Brame & Hamo, LTJ Xperience, Max Graef, Laurence Guy, anyone?), but most importantly: they make everyone that visits feel truly welcome. Old and young, weirdos and frat boys, locals and tourists, nerdy geeks and even a few dads all share the floor. It's that inclusive nature that is the true spirit of house music in my humble opinion.

They got a bit of a killer line-up for this particular one too, with Frank Booker flying in from New Zealand. He's one of the best DJs on the circuit and a top dude too. Folamour managed to find a spot in his packed touring schedule to show us his meteoric rise is partly due to his incredible skills behind the decks (watch out for his buckethead and his signature dance) and we're celebrating the return of Ben La Desh in the limelight after an extended hiatus.

We'll be there as well, manning the merch booth, and we'll bring all the warehouse finds and stray copies of out-of-print gear on all the labels which will go for fair prices. I'm sure we'll talk all of the cats that are around into signing copies too.

Come have a dance and say hi!

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