Sleazy Peak: Bobby Analog - Don't Call Me Lo-Fi Baby [Body Fusion]

Bobby Analog's Body Fusion is back with another three track EP from the Belfast producer himself. After an extremely well-received first outing, there's been much anticipation for Bobby's follow-up and he does not disappoint.

The A-side of the record hosts the YouTube-smash "When Will Our Day Come", finally giving many a fan an official (and physical) release for the loopy, dusty deep house racer. Our Peak into the record comes in slot one of the B, however, with the cheeky and aptly-titled "Don't Call Me Lo-Fi Baby".

The track initiates with a groovy percussion loop and stuttering horn stabs laced with a tense string tone. A super-fat kick drum and scattered micro-samples build the vibe nicely for the lead to come in. It's a menacing synth riff that gives a nod to the moodier days of 90's deep house. The synthesis is completed when the ass-shaking bassline joins the affair, while sweet hat work and tasty vocal samples serve as the cherry on top. All in all, a tasty deep house cut crafted for maximum effect on the night owls.

BF002 has arrived earlier than expected and is out today! If the sales of the first EP are any indication, stock won't last long.