Sleazy Peek: Orchestre Poly Rythmo de Cotonou - Malin Kpon O (Bosq's Extended Mix) [Sol Power DC]

Since 1966, Benin based band Orchestre Poly Rythmo de Cotonou have been cooking up a delicious fusion of traditional Beninese music, soul, funk, afrobeat, rhumba and Cuban rhythms. That's 40 years of hypnotic sounds, spanning a full bag's worth of records, so it was only a matter of time before their tracks were picked up and given a new disco-ready lease of life.

Who better then, than Medellin born Bosq, who has a solid track record of churning out high-quality originals and re-edits on such labels as Ubiquity Records, Fania Records and Razor-N-Tape. With 'Bosq Meets Poly Rythmo Uptown', Bosq goes to work with four irresistible cuts and our pick of the bunch - Malin Kpon O - takes up the B2 slot.

This is five minutes of upbeat bliss. Paying homage to the original, Bosq stretches out a guitar riff over the first couple of minutes, which is backed up by some beefy low end and indented with a laid back vocal line. Once we're really in it the funk starts to ooze out, with a stripped back break down leading into the meat of the track, which culminates in a frenzy-inducing guitar solo.

According to Bosq, Orchestre Poly Rythmo has been a major influence on his work and this classy arrangement does a damn fine job of preserving the soulful essence that typifies the band.

As the name suggests, this record is out later this month on DC based Sol Power Sound and has already had a shed load of early support from the likes of Detroit Swindle, Gilles Peterson and many more. Get yourself on the Benin bandwagon and grab yourself a copy at your favourite disc flogger now!


  1. Magic!Thx for post! I found somo packs with similar samples to these tracks!


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