Sleazy Peek: Sune - Glidin' [Secret Listen]

It just so happens that two of the finest record labels of the last couple of years are headed up by two of the nicest guys in the game. Secret Reels has been churning out top quality releases from the likes of Saine and Harry Wolfman since 2014 and, in the last year, Better Listen Records' stock has been on a sharp upward trend thanks to the seven unbeatable records they've dropped so far. Since Lee (SR) and Martín (BLR) met last year they've been trading music, which ultimately led to the creation of Secret Listen, at outfit looking to blend the deep, emotive house sound of SR with the more conventional disco territory covered by BLR. A perfect mix, if you ask me.

The debut release on this new imprint is a nicely put together V/A featuring Harry Wolfman, Chocky, Sune and Vitamin D. For today's Peek, we're going to focus on the B1, Glidin', from Swedish supremo Sune.

Since he dropped his '8 Till Late' EP on Kyoku Records earlier this year, Sune has been firmly on the 'one to watch' list at Sleazy HQ. His productions have a distinct knack for mixing soulful melodies with dancefloor-ready grooves - exactly the mix they're looking for at Secret Reels.

With Glidin', we're lulled into a false sense of security with playful percussion, some soothing Rhodes chords and a few heavily delayed samples drawing us in. Just as we're settling ourselves in for a peaceful ride, we're hit with a bass riff so full of life you can barely start dancing quick enough. This may well be my favourite low-end features of any track this year - I can't stop listening.

Given the caliber of its founders, it's safe to say we can expect big things from Secret Listen. 
Make sure you kop the 001 quickly!


  1. Thx u 4 sharing I am using the same sample pack for my music projects


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