Chevals - Big Man [Homage]

Hi-Yo Silver! The next Chevals EP has landed on HOMAGE and boy is it a good'n. If you don't know the talented Parisian by now we'd like to welcome you to the party. His back catalog is full of tasty disco edits and toe-tapping originals that would keep your first edition iPod brick playing for days. Our crew is still dropping his last edit of Two Tails & Quiett in our sets to this day. We're therefore pleased to present the B2 off his release for our next Sleazy Peek.

'Big Man' is eight plus minutes of churning, chugging afrobeat that speaks right to the soul. It's the final ace in the deck next to 'See You When I Git My Heart Broken', 'Please Don't', and the equally bouncy 'Tres Racas'.  The Frenchman pays proper tribute to the Antibalas sample too, adding just enough of his touch to make it his own. Indeed. Nothing is too heavy, Big Man. 

Snag the wax here. Your dancing shoes will thank you.