Sleazy Peek: Closed Paradise - Swang It [Better Listen Records Black Label]

As the days are growing darker and the nights are getting cold, the shifting of the seasons doesn't just manifest in the changing colours of the outside world. DJ's, producers and labels alike huddle up for the winter, and the musical palate shifts in favour of deeper and more moody flavours.

It's been about a year since DC-based Better Listen Records made it's first appearance onto the scene. In that time they've put out 7 records, and their discography reads like a who's who for notable talent in the disco-infused house music world. Ari Bald, Ethyéne, Cody Curry, and, most recently, thatmanmonkz have all found a home-away-from-home with the BLR crew, and the guys show no sign of slowing down just yet.

In celebration of their first anniversary, they're kicking off a new series called Better Listen Black Label, turning the disco down a notch and providing a platform for deeper outings. Inspired by the sounds of Delusions of Grandeur, our very own Black Ops offshoot and more modern labels like Church, the series aims to provide a nice counterpart to the label's main sound.

The first EP on the Black Label comes courtesy of French sample-sorcerer Closed Paradise, who's been making waves for a while now with his signature spacy productions underpinned by basslines thicker than Kim K's hindside.
And that's thick..

Like his fellow countryman Folamour, Closed Paradise knows just how to balance his samples for maximum mood and sultry soulfullness. B1 track 'Swang It', our pick for the Peek, is no exception to this. As soon as that bass comes in, resistance is futile, while warm organ stabs and cleverly positioned bells and whistles (no, but, really!) provide just the right framework for the vocals to really shine. Perfect for warm-up duties, or to keep temperatures near boiling level mid-night.

The entire 'Secrets' EP is a guaranteed winner, to be honest, so keep an eye on Juno, Redeye, or your favourite dealer around the 17th of November.