Sleazy Peek: G2S & Kaffe Crème - Arrières Vibrations [In Any Case]

One year on from their well-loved debut release, the In Any Case Records crew are back for the third instalment of their V/A series, which has received plenty of well deserved praise for its consistently brilliant dusty house offerings.

This time around, things take a bit of a disco-jazz turn and this new direction is most noticeable on the B2, Arrières Vibrations. Kaffe Crème needs little introduction after his highly sought after release on Moonrise Hill Material right back at the start of last year and, for this track, he teams up with label boss G2S to create a 6-minute blend of smooth, laid back house which is more than a just little jazz inspired.

The two Frenchmen met last year at the Fête de la Musique in Lyon, and since then have been making music together regularly (watch out for more in the near future!). G2S lays out the foundations for Arrières Vibrations with his stuttering percussive style, which is soon joined by one of the coolest funk-ridden basslines you'll have heard in a good while. Over the top, Kaffe Crème taps out a simple but effective piano riff on his MPC, which compliments the groove perfectly and guides us along on our jazz journey.

I have to say, this one is a grower, and I had to give it a good few plays before it 'got it'. Soon enough though, you really start to appreciate the sounds at play. As you get towards the end of the track, the low end is driven along by some up-tempo hi hats that really get the neck muscles working whilst a scattering of subtle, well-placed samples piece it all together.

A really nice change of pace from the In Any Case team, which makes for another classy, well-rounded release.