Sleazy Peek: Frits Wentink - Theme 5 [WOLF]

For his next trick, the mighty, the magical, Mr. Frits Wentink, will make all your worries disappear. This Sleazy Peek comes courtesy of the musical wizard himself. His second volume of Two Bar House Music & Chord Stuff is due out on WOLF Music this week, so we had to share all its majesty with you.

We picked the first track on the A-side, 'Theme 5', for its signature Frits percussion and dusty chords. Maybe, he should change his name to "Fuzzy" Wentink, because of how warm and fuzzy his tracks make you feel. 'Theme 5' is care-free and bouncy. It's the sort of track to which you can simply bob your head in the office, or dance your soles off in the club.

If you don't recall how great Volume 1 was, it's time to get caught up. With this next iteration, Wentink continues to prove why he is, in my book, one of today's most consistent artists. He always seems to push the limits of the dance aesthetic, and does so with such high quality composition and production that he gets away with it. 'Theme 5' is no different. You can hear synthy inspirations from ye analog producers of olde. It's as if his favorite producer legends were channeled in his fingers and in his tape delay. I dare you not to tap your toes to this one.

Grab it before it's gone. Juno (not the synthesizer). Deejay (not a real person). Decks (not made of wood). Redeye (not allergies).

P.S. This is the second of a three part series. Everyone loves a trilogy!