Sleazy Peek: Harry Wolfman - Pigs In Blankets [Outplay]

Harry Wolfman is an artist who's productions just seem to be getting better and better. Now, don't misunderstand me here, I've been a fan of Harry's for some time and his past releases such as that one on Dirt Crew with Loz Goddard back at the start of 2016 are still up there with the favourites in my collection. Since then though, we've been treated to tracks such as Casillero, Y'Sul's Ball and Floozy*, with each offering increasing amounts of depth and personality whilst showcasing more than just a splattering of Harry's disco influences. (*This was one of the tracks of 2017, in case you didn't know already).

It seems like I'm not the only one who's noticed and, as a result, his latest EP will grace the ever-illustrious Outplay catalogue. Daniel and Hans' record of releasing only the finest wax on their imprint is nothing short of sublime and, with this 4-tracker from Wolfman, this trend only continues.

I could have happily covered any of the tracks that'll make up the 'Nemoto' EP for a Peek, but in the end I decided on the A2 'Pigs In Blankets'. Back in August I stumbled across a Monologues mix made up purely of forthcoming Wolfman stuff and this was one of two tracks that I've had no choice but to listen to over and over since (the other was 'Upstream', in case you're interested!).

Pigs in Blanket starts with a familiar, rousing synth which is backed up nicely by the bass punching through the reverb, leading us expectantly through the first minute. At the other side of the minute mark though, we're picked up and dumped in a place we never expected to end up - dark, moody synths are switched out for an upbeat disco sample and some heavily delayed vocals which gives the track a whole new feeling.

Chuck in some solo synth lines akin to the aforementioned Dirt Crew record and what we've got in front of us is a track that gives you the very best of what Harry's productions have become - tasty samples that are played with perfectly, a low end that'll keep you dancing from the first second to the last and those unmistakable, warm synths that make damn sure we know who we're listening to.

The whole record is a belter and, if this is what we can expect from Harry Wolfman this year, then sign me up for a subscription!

Do. Not. Miss. This! Juno, Redeye, Decks