Sleazy Peek: Tilman - A Day To Remember [Super Tuff]

Super Tuff Records comes with yet another V/A release for their third outing, though rumor has it the Brooklyn label run by young M. Vaughan will soon be integrating artist EPs into their discography. ST003 looks again to stir together bittersweet deep house tunes with just the right amount of punch and crunch to them. The EP hosts tracks from Melbourne-based Distant Hawaii upstart DJ Heure, Washington, DC / Richmond, VA warehouse hustler Hot Coffee, M. Vaughan himself, and Mainz' Tilman, who is the author of our Peek and a solid favorite of ours here at Camp Sleazy Beat.

"A Day To Remember" presents a booming kick clap combo laced with sustained melancholy strings and delicate piano licks. And, in typical Super Tuff fashion, with a heady talking sample sprinkled on for good measure. 909 hi-hats and a bouncing bassline keep the affair moving steadily here. It's not an overly climactic cut, but rather one that will keep the action going as the selector pumps out the jams into the morning light.

ST003 should be available for purchase real soon on Juno.