Sleazy Peek: Dark Horse Disco - Understand (Dave Allison Remix) [Clandestine Boogie]

Canadian imprint Editorial Records needs no introduction amongst lovers of slo-mo disco and the groovier sides of house music.
On the forefront of the scene since 2009, they have crafted their discography - and reputation -  off the back of a consistent output of high quality music, provided by a dream team of producers like Pontchartrain, YSE Saint Laur'ant, Loz Goddard or Hotmood to name a few.

January saw the crew launching their new sublabel 'Clandestine Boogie', instantly bringing up thoughts of smokey backrooms and shifty bankers dancing their Italian designer shoes off with a couple of working girls and some bottles of moonshine.

By no means bankers, nor wearing designer shoes, we can say this: enigmatic newcomer Dark Horse Disco knows how to make people want to get down, and grab a couple of glasses of that tasty moonshine while they're at it.

On the A-side, 'Hold On' wastes no time setting the tone for the rest of this release. It's sleazed-up guitar is about as effective as they get, making this one nearly impossible to deny when on the floor. 'Wait For You' shows, perhaps, a bit more restraint, without losing focus of it's main objective: to get that late night boogie going.

All warmed up, we flip the record to find 'Understand', the type of sultry tune you could imagine the likes of Folamour and EthyĆ©ne championing in one of their sets, turning down the lights while turning up the heat. Dave Allison steps in to round things up with his remix of the same track,  adding a touch of finesse to the original we didn't even know we were missing at first, making this final track our pick-for-a-peek and favourite of the bunch.

Head on over to Juno for a copy.