Sleazy Peek: Felipe Gordon - Arpegios Extendidios [Quintessentials]

Quintessentials has always been one label whose wax regularly lives in my gig bag. In short, they keep it underground. Their team's careful selection of artists who evoke deep and raw house music never fails to stimulate ears and dance floors in my experience. And for the imprint's fifty-eighth release, they stay true to the hype. I give you Felipe Gordon, dynamo from Bogota, with his instant floorfiller, 'Arpegios Extendidos'. 

Felipe has been a staple of the Colombian captial's house scene for some time, and has released quality records on Toy Tonics, W&O Street Tracks, and Nomada, to name a few. For a taste of his homeland, check out the recent Nomada White series.

His Quintessentials debut is a proper welcome to his musical home. 'Arpegios Extendidos' kicks off the B-side with a thick, woody kick, and floating legato pads. Then, after a minute or so, he hits you with the meat of the track. Organ stabs carry you over and through mountains, while fluttering arpegios and percussion whisk you gently down streams and rivers. It's down and dirty house at its finest.  

Don't miss the other premieres on the release either. Check out the EP's title track and A1, 'Mi Casa, Su Casa' on Bolting Bits, and 'Apregios' side-two sister, 'Gangster Fass' to hear exactly what I mean. Estoy listo. ¡Vamos!

Due out 02 February.



  1. Very nice! Are you going to do a best of 2017? Would love it if you did. Ta!


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