Sleazy Peek: OOFT! - Let Yourself Go [FOTO Recordings]

OOFT! aka Glasgow-based producer Ali Herron comes to us on the eve of his debut LP's release. Forthcoming on his own FOTO Recordings, Intricacies of Modern Life is the culmination of over a decade in the producer/DJ realm and is the man's most personal work yet. Making waves and turning heads with his unique interpretations and disco reworks for labels like The Revenge's Instruments of Rapture and the hallowed, Popular People's Front we see a decidedly alternative direction for Herron. After spending the last several years constructing his personal studio of mostly analogue equipment, OOFT! channels heavy textures of dusty synths and Motor City motifs with only a smattering of instances that could harken to his disco roots.

Case in point is the lovely "Let Yourself Go," a prime example of the album's aesthetic. Classic, analogue drum arrangements open the composition and are quickly greeted by ambling synth arpeggios and choral, tribal-influenced vocal refrains. Exquisite warehouse tackle for those late night dancefloor sessions.

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