Sleazy Peek: Dorsi Plantar - Señorita Lolita [Kyoku]

Spring is here, and we just goddamn love it. Temperatures are slowly on the rise, the first flowers are starting to brighten up the world that surrounds us, and birds are finaly coming out again.

No, not that kind of birds, you pervs. The kind that chirps and flutters by your bedroom window in the morning or, even better, the origami ones coming straight from Down Under.

Celebrating their fifth release, the Kyoku crew decided to assemble the band of beatmakers involved with their previous records and have them cook up a special V/A just for the occasion. True to what we've come to expect from the men from Melbourne, the 'Odoru Tori' EP has - as the name by the way suggests - turned out to be a highly danceable pursuit.

For today's peek we've selected Dorsi Plantar's 'Señorita Lolita', which starts off with a delightful 80s TV-show vibe and get's bumping before you even know it.

Snatch yourself a copy of the 'Odoru Tori' EP at Juno or any of the other shops of your liking.