Sleazy Peek: Saint Paul - A Jazz Delirium [Salin Records]

From its wine to the fries and, of course, the kisses; there’s plenty to love about the home country of les Bleus and the Eiffel Tower. But what we’ve been digging most of all, is the steady influx of topnotch producers coming out of la douce France lately.

Co-founder of the Moonrise Hill Material imprint alongside Folamour, Ethyène and Kaffe Crème, Lyon-native Saint Paul is a sample-wielding wizard with a particular taste for all things Jazz. With a style equally suited for a lazy listen or some serious strutting, his previous releases have seen him adding to the catalogues of both MHM and Better Listen before landing on Salin Records for their final outing of 2018.

Marking the first solo EP of an external artist on Christophe and Daria Salin’s brainchild, ‘A Jazz Delirium’ sits snugly between both Saint Paul’s and the imprint’s previous productions, featuring the kind of classy cuts that can be enjoyed from daybreak until the morning after.  

Have a taste of the title track, with it’s cosily prominent piano, below.

Saint Paul’s ‘A Jazz Delirium’ EP will be out on Salin Records in the first week of December. Get that early Christmas present sorted through Bandcamp or any other outlet of your choice.