Super Value Super Soul Mix

By now you should know that we here at Sleazybeats are big fans of the mysterious Super Value Special Edits crew. The Italian masters have perfected the art of reworking old and forgotten stuff into proper hypnotizing dancefloor burners, complete with raw Theo Parrish-style drums. If you have yet to discover these dons, make sure to check out their excellent 12" series (Juno happens to have 'em all right now).

Following on their ace Manifesto mix CD, the Super Value editeers slow down the pace on the Super Soul installment and take us on a ride through 14 sublime soul tracks, all sprinkled with the Special Edit magic dust, blended oh so smoothly by our Italian friends, who prove just how smashing an 85 BPM mix can be.

Absolutely essential, and at a very reasonable price too. Buy now before they're all gone!


  1. Is there any other single releases (not in-mix) of these tracks? Especially the Track 13.. I've hear some dj played this track without the dig-it acapella.. Do you know any real trackname or release? Thanxolot


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