Rose Records - Various 2 (Rose Records)

Those kind souls from Rose Records sent us a copy of their sophomore release and it's absolutely magificent. We covered their debut outing last year and shed some light on the Leipzig-based collective that is behind the imprint. As before, it's a limited 12" release, only 250 copies were done up and they're all handnumbered (which is a really nice touch).

It's another sampler of sorts, with the three label owners all pitching in a track. M.Ono gets the entire A-side to himself for "Marble Hill", a glorious midtempo boogie workout with subtle drums and percussion and a lovely male vocal sample that keeps things interesting for the duration of the 7 minute flight. We used this track on a cheeky mix we got to do for the Beeb in Northern-Island, check it out here (it's the last track of the mix).

Flip over for Luvless' "Come On Closer", which - in spite of its leasurely pace - is a deep as you like moody number with sharp drums, eerie strings and a groove that keeps building and  building. Wonderful stuff that wouldn't have been out of place on a Luv Unlimited Vibes release.

Martin Hayes takes care of the closing track of the EP in the form of 'How To Dance', a perfect slice of contemporary boogie with a chunky analogue-sounding bassline, glitchy synths and perfectly placed vocal loops. A pearl of a track and our pick of the three, but to paraphrase someone commenting on soundcloud, it's "all boss, no dross".

We highly recommend buying a copy, it's a wonderful package, put together with oodles of care and thought.


  1. this is a class recor! just bagged it, cheers leds :)


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