V.A. Restaurant EP (Rest Music)

After a sublime debut a few months ago (see our glowing review here), Herb LF and Phil Decker just put out the sophomore release on their freshly minted imprint Rest! Music, which we kindly got sent for reviewing purposes. It's a sampler of sorts, with Morgenklang, Superloader and Discoshit (the nom de plume of the label bosses) all pitching in a track. Morgenklang and Superloader are new names to me, but if it's house of the moody and bottom-end heavy persuasion you seek, you're in most capable hands here. Morgenklang kicks things off rather nicely with 'Green & Blue', a deep workout with clean but heavy drums, a driving bassline and some well-placed synth stabs. Discoshit's 'Strangers' starts off as a lovely midtempo groover with chunky drums, but the groove gets a little overshadowed by superheavy squelchy synths about two minutes in. A bit too heavy/squelchy to my ears but if you like your music twisted and techy you're bound to love this.

It's Superloader's 'Walk With Me' that is the standout cut for me though, a delectable slice of moody midtempo deephouse with badass, rolling drums and oodles of chug. If you like any of the recent cuts on Luv Unlimited you'll love this little bugger.The vocal samples ('Walk With Me / Take My Hand') work a real treat too, should sound absolutely massive on a proper soundsystem. All in all a very fine second release on one of the year's most interesting new imprints.

Have a listen to/order the record here

PS The vinyl comes with proper artwork on the sleeve again and three locked grooves too, which is a really nice touch for those of you willing to shell out a few bones for the real thing.