Sleazy Peek: UC Beatz - Lonely Saturday Night [Entrepôt Records]

Brussels-based Entrepôt Records are taking it slow and steady this time, as main man UC Beatz returns with the 'Playground' EP, notching up the 8th release on his vinyl-only imprint.

The aesthetics are clear: five slow burning tracks with a steady percussive backbone hovering around the 90-95 BPM range, jazzed up with melodic elements gently looped to lure in the listener.

On 'Lonely Saturday Night', this looping, combined with the ever fading in and out of the other auditory ingredients, results in a near mantric experience, gradually drawing you deeper into the producer's most mesmerizing mindset.

Staying true to their 'no distribution' ethos, pre-orders for the 'Playground' EP can only be found on the label's website.