Sleazy Peek: Lucas Welle - Feel Like [Roots For Bloom]

Already 20 records deep, the Roots For Bloom catalog has, over the years, sported a number of notorious artists like LK, Folamour, Ethyène and - of course - head honcho Jamie Trench, who's been consistent in curating a collection of heady house music drawing from the vaults of soulful and funky grooves.

Stepping up to the plate for this platinum anniversary is up-and-comer Lucas Welle, whom you might know from his recent contributions and upcoming releases on Familiar Circles, Bress Records and Abandon Silence.

On this record, Welle displays a predominantly vivacious vibe with 'joie de vivre' written all over 'Boogie and Co.', 'Ya Dig' and today's 'Feel Like', which stands out because of it's infectious bassline & horn combo and gentle yet decisive appeal to 'party tonight'.

Message received loud and clear, Mister Welle.

Pre-orders for the 'Let's Do It' EP are now available through Juno,, or any other shop of your liking.