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Niccolò Cupo - Logos (Panta Rhei)

Hard to agree on which trend is hitting harder these days -  the whole cheeky handstamp thing or every champ and his dog going nuts with 90s chords (we solely vow to continue to poke fun at this till the cows come home BTW). In any case the former manner of producing records renders things a) cheap and b) yet still with a lovely minimal yet extremely personal touch - something we find very special. We heart finding an obscure label that has just popped up out of nowhere with nothing to go by except a name and a stamped logo on a white label center sticker.

This is exactly what we have come across just the other day with Niccolò Cupo's new 7" slice on new imprint Panta Rhei. Niccolò is a Dusseldorf-based producer with a couple of releases under his belt to date over the past couple of years, but this one stands out above the rest. White label complete with badass golden snake/dragon stamp logo, obscure artist, and two amazing bits of music. Oh and did we mention this is a lovel…

Twelve twelves for twelve

So here it is, our obligatory 'best of' 2012 post. Almost a week late, but better late than never right? As Kris just welcomed a babygirl into the world and as I am utterly exhausted from a long and hard year of slaving away for the man, we'll keep it short and sweet this year. No rants about the silly handstamping craze, shit 90s chords, boogie not quite overtaking disco as we expected it to and people shamelessly ripping our tracks from soundcloud, playing them in their sets and actually sending over the links to those sets to us to 'check out the sleazy love yo'..

Instead, we simply threw all our blog posts, charts and record orders together and picked the 12 tunes we liked best. There's tracks in there that worked really well for us playing out, there's some that tickled our collector's pickles and a few bits of proper 'homelistening' gear as well.

So without much further ado, here they are, our picks of the year:

12.  Tip2Chip - Climbing Gi…