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Norm de Plume - Ohio Replayed (Plumage)

It seems that every time we play in a club and there's a photographer around, they manage to snap a shot of us while Norm de Plume's first release on Plumage is on. Then again, the occasions where we haven't played that record since its inception in 2010 have been few and far between; 'Give It Up For JM' in particular has become a bit of a staple of our sets. The Delusions of Grandeur podcast curator followed up on that release with a big, big record for Kolour Limited in 2011 (a release that is now changing hands for silly cash) and seemed destined for greatness, but it's taken three years for a new EP to materialize, an eternity in this industry that is governed by hypes and overnight stardom.
You can imagine our delight when a new release on Plumage started popping up in the pre-sales sections of some of the larger vendors. We got in touch with Norm (or Pash as the postman calls him) and he told us the radio silence wasn't intentional or planned at all,…

Space Coast - Crystal Lake (Glenview)

Space Coast emerged last year with their debut EP 'Vibe A.M.' that dropped on excellent French label Lost Paradise, that we um, how you say…"rinsed to a bloody pulp" - most notably the Social Disco Club mix of the title track. The boys behind the Space Coast rocketship controls - Sleazy McQueen and Jorge Collazo have apparently been busy with their heads in the studio sand, and are now back with their debut full length LP entitled Crystal Lake on Glenview just in time for summertime shens. It's a bit more of a charged affair than what we're used to, but hey that's how we roll sometimes isn't it? Just don't try calling us one-trick ponies, aight?

Undoubtedly the entire affair is quite dancefloor oriented with higher tempo cuts of cosmic disco and house jams as would be expected from a McQueen joint, and yep things do stay largely four to the floor. Fans of earlier Spirit Catcher fare should be keen on lapping this up - as it's similar sounding…