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V.A. - Strings Attached EP (Outplay)

Not sure if we've ever discussed what we call 'headliner's disease' on here before. We've all seen it happen: producer makes a name for himself with original, sophisticated soulful nuggets on boutique labels. Producer gets asked to do some high-profile remixes. Producer starts getting booked as headliner. Producer moves from wobbly, experimental gear to churning out peaktime housebangers. While this may be a logical progression for producers that play to packed floors three times a weekend, it tends to make us lose interest in the musical output of some of our former heroes. Call me Shania, but most of the butch bigroom tackle don't impress me much.

Now, there is no denying 2015 was a vintage year for our Dutch Fouk buds. A handful of very well-received releases alongside a string of strong solo efforts by both Hans (Junktion) and Daniel turned the pair into a headline attraction at parties all over Europe seemingly overnight. When the lads sent over a copy of…

Closed Paradise - The Master Series Vol. 1 (Masterworks)

The industry is slowly picking up a little steam again after the annual few weeks of end-of-year nothingness. It always feels a little like plants, distributors and shops get a few weeks to take a couple of proper deep breaths before the madness starts all over again. And with ever more kids taking a punt on setting up a record label, record players (even if they're dinky ones) being the most popular crimbo gizo and talk of actual new pressing plants opening up, the stars seem to be aligning for an even more frantic year in music than 2015 proved to be. One of our firm resolutions for the new year is to focus a little less on our social media outlets and share exciting bits and bobs with you the old-fashioned way again and properly rekindle the blog. One might argue we're about to embark on a proper pissing-in-the-wind mission in terms of trying to channel the insane influx of new labels and releases that'll be pouring out of the industry's collective orifices in the …