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NYEdits Vol 3

The third edition of the NYEdits series just came out, and while I passed on the first two (there's only so much selfindulgent krauty noodle disco one can handle), I was itching to get this one based on the online snips that were doing the rounds.

I think I read somewhere that Eric Duncan is behind these handstamped, limited releases, which isn't that surprising as these puppies sound quite similar to the popular C.O.M.B.I. series. The squeeky, trippy sci-fi ride on the A (A Debra Dejean rework) is sure to please the beardstrokers' massive, but unfortunately does absolutely nothing for me. It's the gloopy disco on the flip that made me whip out my mastercard here: a glorious edit of Mary Wilson's "Red Hot", stripping the vocals and rearranging the piano lines, strings, guitar hooks, claps and that mad bassline. It's amazing to see how with just a few bits of the original track an entirely different beast can be created, pure magic. Almost in the same…

V.A. - African Shakedown

We know it's a bit of a faux-pas to blog about records that are old news or impossible to find, but we'll simply have to make an exception for African Shakedown, a heavenly slice of African disco on that came out on green marbled vinyl in November of last year. And yes, it's going for absolutely ridiculous prices on Discogs these days but a repress is in the works. So there.

We missed the record completely when it came out (which isn't that strange, it sold out in a matter of days and we'd never heard of Noema & Anson who seem to have curated the release) but managed to find two copies deep in the bowels of Hungary (shout out to the people that invented the internet: good job, it comes in handy sometimes). The fun starts right away on the A with Noema's Tribute edit of Ata Kak's 'Daa Nyinaa', an irresistable chunk of uptempo afro-disco and easily the catchiest tune I've played around the house for a good while. Noema didn't do all that …

Disco Cuatro - CVLT Edits (Discos Capablanca)

It seems there's a positive thing to come out of all the kids going crazy over 90s chords and big drums these days after all: there's a lot less shit disco edits doing the rounds. The same people that hijacked the vibrant and loving disco scene and swamped it with uninspired loops and overcompressed housedrums are now all merrily jumping on the 'retro house' bandwagon. Which is great, because it leaves us with a return to the basics of editing: A) unearth forgotten gem, B) strip off the cheeky bits C)  re-arrange for maximum dancefloor fun and D) have reconstructured gem properly mastered so it sound fresh as a daisy again. There also seems to be a renewed interest in somewhat obscure krauty, cosmic numbers from the days of yore. This new 12" by Disco Cuatro/CVLT is a great example of disco anno 2013, proving itself far more resilient than most people thought when the edits craze was at its peak two years ago.

I have no idea who's behind this release (never h…

Ben La Desh back for seconds

We're slowly getting in gear for the next release on our Black Ops offshoot project, for which we happily welcome our pal Ben La Desh back to the fold. It's truly an amazing record with moody beatdown vibes, deep afro rhythms and favela disco. We'll make sure to put up more info and soundsamples in the next few weeks, can't wait to hear what you think.

Anyways, the EP has been mastered and cut, we're now sitting tight here waiting for the test pressing to arrive. If all goes according to plan, the record will hit the shops mid to late March. The first two Black Ops records sold out in less than two weeks, so if you want to get a notification when the record lands, jot down your deets below and you'll be the first to know when the record arrives:

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Space Coast - Vibe AM (Lost Paradise)

The sophomore release on Sleazy McQueen's new Lost Paradise imprint came out a few weeks ago and it's one of our favorite bits of wax to have come out in 2013 so far. Alongside curating the excellent Whiskey Disco series (keep an eye out for the soon to drop nr. 17, which comes with 4 absolutely bitchin' tracks), McQueen has created Lost Paradise as an outlet for his new project 'Space Coast'. The sound he and co-pilot Collazo are pushing with Space Coast is best described as wobbly post-disco acid deep house (all makes sense now doesn't it?). Title track 'Vibe AM', a midtempo chugger with a rubbery bassline, muffled steel drums and a moody muted flute, and the hypnotizing acidic technoid closing tune 'Can't get enough' showcase the full extent of the considerable sonic capabilities of the pairing.

As ace as both tracks are, they both get completely snowed under by the stunning remix of Vibe AM Social Disco Club has turned in. Back when we …

Music For Serious Jogging Vol. 7

Loads of records that are worth a few kind words coming out these days and we have some exciting news about our own Black Ops project, which we'll all get to in the next few days. In the meantime, have a listen to this new mix Kris P lovingly put together. Some old, some new, some borrowed and some blue, featuring tracks by giants like Nitetime, Frank Booker, Eddie C, Casino Times as well as the debut airing of Ben La Desh's 'In The Back' tune (out soon on Black Ops!). Hope you like!