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Sleazy Peek: Leon Revol - Far with a Van [Secret Reels]

Here at Sleazy Beats headquarters we believe sharing is caring. So when the new hotness fromSecret Reels dropped in our box we had to spread the love around. For your listening pleasure, we present the next in our series of Sleazy Peeks: Leon Revol's Far with a Van, from his upcoming Astral Plane EP due out the 27th of April.

As we've grown accustomed with Secret Reels releases, Far with a Van is warm, inviting, and chock full o' groove. Leon's sample arrangement is subtle, yet precise. From the count of one the track glides along, adding smooth layers of organ and sweeping background. Much like the solid production on his recent split EP with Laurence Guy on Monologues, Leon really knows how to take you places. This one is ripe for the spring patio for sure, and I for one, can't wait to get my mitts on it.

Oh, and we didn't mention the mighty Admin has also remixed this one? Yeah you read that right. As if Leon's work couldn't get any better, Mr. Admi…

Real J - Stuck In The Realness EP

Monday morning, 7am. The alarmclock goes off and I jump out of bed in a hurry. No time for a shower, chewinggum beats brushing your teeth any day. Shirt. Pants. Really pushing my luck here so I'm going commando.
Time to move or I'll be late. Again.

Now to be clear, I love my job, but it's not something I would necessarily get out of bed in a hurry for.
No, this is a different ballgame.
This is release day.

Having only been in the game since the beginning of last year, Waxtefacts have quickly become an eminent part of the scene. Characterized by exquisite sample-based tunes on both sides, pretty much all of their releases sold out in no time and are fetching near-crazy prices on discogs.
No need to invest in the shark-feeding programme just yet though, represses have been confirmed for the end of the summer.

Taking care of this 5th release in the vinyl-only series, we have the artist formerly known as Real D.

Now Real J., after a brand name clash with an American compan…

Sleazy Peek: Sameed - Someone Like Me (Ele Records)

Ele Records follows up its inaugural release - a proper tour de force by Cottam up there with his seminal early records that sold out in a blink -  with Ha Noi Nights, a four-track sampler celebrating 'the distinct tapestry of street culture pulsating through the capital', according to the sales notes. Vietnam may be breathtakingly beautiful and home to some of the most delicious (street)food known to mankind, but a hotbed for sample-heavy basement house? I got in touch with the guys behind the label, who were kind enough to let us premiere one of the tracks off the new record - Sameed's 'Someone Like Me', our pick of the bunch. They also shed some light on how the label came about, what direction they have in mind for the imprint and offered some words on the significance of that majestic beast, the elephant. 

Hit play and read on below

The label started as a brainchild in rainy Manchester. The owners had been travelling extensively and living in South East Asia f…