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Redux digital label compilation

I'm quite partial to a nice, heavy piece of wax. There's something very satisfying about putting your needle on a new record. At the same time, I've always hated schlepping around heavy record bags, having records skip mid-set, or (which happens increasingly) arrive at a venue to find out they stopped 'doing' turntables there. I'm happy to report that Redux stepped over to the dark side and put its backcatalogue on Juno Download for all us crying Nancies. What we have here is a rather fantastic collection of edits, reworks and original productions by some of the heavy guns of today's nudisco/re-edit scene, such as Pete Herbert, 40 Thieves, Greg Wilson and Nick Chacona & Anthony Mansfield.

My personal favorites are the two cuts by Casinoboy (who seems to feature a lot on these pages for some odd reason). Both tracks are ace, but it's the wonky boogiefest of 'Twilight Lady' that I like the most. Buy the compilation and safely store those heavy…

Instruments of Rapture - IOR003

In a few week's time Instruments of Rapture will release their third record. This vinyl-only imprint, run by Graeme Clark, features the most sublime midtempo disco edits going 'round.
So far IOR have released their own material, either by Clark alone under the moniker The Revenge, or paired up with Craig Smith as The 6th Borough Project. IOR003 adds Ali Herron to the mix, releasing music with Clark under the name OOFT. Be sure, if you have not already done so, to frequently check out the OOFT blog for all sorts of up-front disco edit goodness.
The first cut on this three-track 12" is OOFT's "This Sound". It is a slow-burning wonder...I listen to this and I forget my own name. I could sit here and tell you all about its hypnotizing groove and buried vocal that repeats the title of the track, but would that really do it justice? Better to just point you to the OOFT MySpace page where you can check out the track for yourself on their music player.
The remaining tw…

Outmode - Dark Journey (The Revenge & Toby Tobias remixes)

Another new label peeps its lovely head around the corner: Join the Dots. Very nice maiden voyage it is too, with two of my favourite leftfield boogie dons on remix duties: The Revenge and Toby 'Casinoboy' Tobias. Can't make up my mind which version I like better. The Revenge (who is seriously taking the world by storm, I think this is the 6th release of his that has come out this week) drops a lush deephouse number which reminds me of Manuel Tur's moody sound for some reason (which is a good thing in my book). Toby Tobias drops the tempo a bit and turns in a delicious chugging, synthy beast that pushes all the right buttons for 9 glorious minutes. Up on Juno Download so pick up both tracks without breaking the bank. We're in the middle of a crisis after all..

Have a listen to Toby Tobias' chugfest:

Meanderthals - Andromeda (Idjut Boys rmx)

Wonky little EP on Smalltown Supersound here by the Idjut Boys and Rune Lindbaek under their Meanderthals guise. Apparantly everyone and his mom is involved in the balaeric/downtempo original (Harvey on bass, Yam Who on percussion) yet it doesn't really seem to go anywhere. The same can be said about the Idjuts remix on the flip, yet they manage to beef things up just a little, add a most delicious sloppy clap to help things along and they really bring the percussion out. Perfect tuneage for the summer, this is screaming for a beach and skimpy bikini's

Pick it up at Juno

Check out the remix by the Idjuts here:

From the ashes of Jisco: Under The Shade

Jisco label head David Griffiths will soon be focusing his attention on a new imprint... "Under The Shade". Fans of frequent Jisco output man Mark E needn't worry... word on the street says that you'll see him reappear on UTS, as well as work from Toby Tobias, Ilija Rudman, Pete Herbert, The Revenge and many more.
Look for this label to hit stores at the end of July.

V/A - Tirk Sampler 02

Any fan of the current mid-tempo disco movement is most likely familiar with the record label Tirk Recordings out of London. They have been putting out quality music with that electro-disco-funk edge since 2004. Back in March they released an amazing vinyl sampler of the label's second double-CD compilation. Let's take a look...
"Stand On The Word" is a gospel classic by the Joubert Singers, first recorded live in a NYC Baptist Church back in 1982. Fast-forward to 2009 and the classic gets reworked by Hot Coins (aka Danny Berman, a talented artist out of Nottingham). Hot Coins really dubs this one out with a stunning synthesized bassline that stabs and morphs throughout, waiting until the track is nearly finished to finally release the heavenly Singers from their hiding place. The result is a religious experience in more ways than one.
Next up is Drrtyhaze, the NY production duo of Douglas Gomez and Matthew Moffre. They have had a few releases on the label Gomma…

Blackjoy - Chaca Khan edit

I have been closely following Blackjoy ever since he released his seminal Moustache tune a few years ago, one of those tunes that kickstarted my interest in contemporary disco. Blackjoy's blog showcases his burning love for good music, which he usually tweaks and edits to serve his DJing purposes. Our French friend currently has a new dope disco 12" out (rather unimaginatively called Disco Jams) which you can score here

Meanwhile, enjoy this ace edit of Chaka Khan's Clouds

Wolf Music 01 - Dancing in outer space

New label, Wolf Music, with a pretty smashing first offering. I remember hearing the Revenge's rerub of Atmosfear's Dancing in Outer Space in a recent mix and being VERY excited about the prospect of being able to play it out one day. Happy to report it happens to appear here on a sublime EP with 4 stellar cuts. The Revenge does his dubby, chuggy disco thing and adds a relentless groove to the familiar tones of Atmosfear's classic. Truth be told, Greymatter's wonky boogie edit of the same track works even better for me. Wolf Music have more tricks up their sleeve though in the form of a rather fantastic tune by KRL called 'Recession Beat', a slowburner with heavy drums, loopy vocal samples and subdued horns/trumpets that would do Theo Parrish proud. What's more, KRL's 'Remember Donny' gets the remix treatment by Greymatter, who delivers another beast of a track. Both KRL tracks are vinyl only, so these two tunes are a special treat for us crate…

Permanent Vacation - Tic Toc (ft. Kathy Diamond) / Zucker Hut PERM040

The 40th full release for Permanent Vacation, which coincides with the first output from label heads Tom Bioly and Benjamin Frohlich, shows off their ear for a great tune, as the label's back catalogue bears testament.

The A-side "Tic Toc", an upbeat piano-driven deeper house number with elements of disco and electro featuring the sublime vocal talents of Kathy Diamond (I still play "All Woman" most sets), has a great uplifting feel to it without being over the top, and is sure to get the punters up onto the floor within a few bars. I've been using it to great success as a mid-set transitional tune, with a regular procession of "what's the name of this tune and who's it by" beating a path to the booth.

The B-side "Zucker Hut" is the real sleeper here, having taken me a few listens to really get into it now I absolutely love it. A hypnotic slap-style bass chugs this baby along relentlessly, though the whole tune is incredibly subtle…

Shoes - Why Can't We Live Together (House & Dub Re-Edits)

I am unashamedly one of the biggest fans of the recent wave of re-edits around the traps, but I must also admit that the majority of the more obscure reworks leave me somewhat underwhelmed. It isn't the unfamiliarity of the source track that loses me, I just feel that a lot of them are somewhat pointless, and have very little crowd appeal which is what being a DJ is mainly about. Either way they just don't usually grab me at all.

So I guess from this opinion it only follows to reason that whenever good quality re-edits of better known tracks come out my interest is automatically piqued, as fraught with danger as this musical pursuit can be. Admittedly there are way more misses than hits when it comes to this type of thing, but the good ones are usually mind-blowing

SHOES is one of the real sleeper success stories when it comes to taking on tunes ranging from the widely-known to the downright classic and turning them into absolute musical weapons. (See also PATCHWORKS, who I'…

Soulphiction & Move D * Limelight (Trus'me rmx) - Philpot

Very special, this upcoming release by Soulphiction and Move D on Philpot called Into the Limelight. Both chaps are very well-respected house producers, seperately churning out their own branch of the deepest, moodiest stuff around. This is the first time they join forces and they sure did brew up something tasty: lo-slung deepness of the highest order. That's just where the fun begins though, because they got Trus'me on remix duties here. First new thing of Trus'me that I've heard in a long time and it's AWESOME. Don't take my word for it, check it out


P.S. This is scheduled for release by the end of the month

Be - Nocturnal Jam (Stilove4music)

Bit of an odd post this, as we're celebrating a record that came out a few years ago. We're talking about Mancunian mystery man BE, whose cut 'When you left' was featured on Trusme's ace Prime Numbers 7th release (available digitally here). Seeing BE's name on a record again made me dig out his only other release I'm aware of, a stunning 4 track affair on the ever solid Stilove4music label (the bastard love child of Jerome Deradji, who also runs Still Music). Nocturnal Jam has never left my record bag; all four tracks are seriously infectious midtempo burners, with lazy beats cleverly looped around old funk/soul samples. I really hope to see more stuff from mr BE soon...

Be - Nocturnal Jam

Soul Clap Edits - Wolf and Lamb Black Label

Bit late on this release by Soul Clap, but when this first surfaced I only bothered to listen to the Stevie Wonder edit on the A, which sounds an awful lot like an edit The Revenge released a while ago on Jisco. The Revenge is propably my favorite producer these days, so it goes without saying I prefer his take on the Stevie tune.

The Soul Clap boys saved the best for the flip though, turning an 80s single by Womack & Womack into a chuggy, detroitish deephouse number that pushes all the right buttons. Funnily enough I tried to do my own rework of this track a couple of months ago but it didn't go anywhere. Kudos to the Soul Clap captains for managing to turn such a cheesy pop track into such a nice deep smokey affair. Will keep my eyes open for forthcoming releases on W+L BL.

Check out the record here

Conscious Edit by soulclap

Situation - Situation Edits vol. 1

Remember that superb 'Pushing on' track that came out on Disco Deviance a little while ago? The crew that did that blissed-out edit now follows through with two new bits on their own label: Situation. These guys apparantly got their first break when they passed a cd with some edits on to Greg Wilson at the Big Chill, who was stunned by the quality of the productions. Mr. Wilson certainly has an ear for talent, as this release will go down a treat in disco/boogie obsessed circles. ‘Love In Me’ on the B is my pick, a chunky, deep, chugging edit of The Whispers with a sharp 80's clap, which will work wonders for those of us who mix up disco, boogie and house. Great stuff, can't wait to play this out.

You can check out both cuts on the new Situation My Space page here:

Disco Builders - Don't Look Back (Aniligiital Music)

The good people at Aniligiiital Music sent me a lovely promo by The Disco Builders, a new San Francisco band produced by the mighty Tal M. Klein. Their forthcoming EP features two original tracks and two remixes (by Omegaman and the Hardway brother, who both speed up the tempo and house things up a bit). It's the original of Don't Look Back' that works for me though, a lush downtempo nugget of modern electronic soul. Truth be told, I would have liked a dub because the vocals are very prominent in this tune, but then again it's quite lovely the way it is. A band to look out for!

Listen to 'Don't look back' here: