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KM Editions Vol. 6 (KM Editions)

We boarded the Keyboard Masher express when number 4 in the series hit the shops (the one with the massive Todd Rundgren edit (Synthesize) we covered a while ago) and immediately bagged number 5 when it landed, which was easily one of the finest releases in downtempo-balearo-edit-land of 2013. What followed was well over a year of radio silence and just as we were starting to get worried this particular keyboarded had had his fill of mashing, number 6 suddenly showed up. Happy to report it was well worth the wait as we're being treated to a trio of left-of-centre disco edit delights here.

'Stolen Shapes' takes up the entire A-side, a cheeky rework of an 80s vocal synth-pop track. I'm not familiar with the original but it sounds decidedly European and I can only imagine how hilarious the haircut of the dude manning the keyboard must have been. The track certainly has its charms but I can't really see myself playing this out anywhere to be honest.

I can however see …

Cherry Garcia - Vine of Souls (Golf Channel)

After releasing a whoppin' 14 records last year there's no sign of letting up over at Golf Channel. The American imprint du jour started 2015 in style with a pair of twelves from Sheila Hylton and Cherry Garcia. While it's the latter we're covering here, the former is equally exceptional, so make sure to check that out as well.

I keep reading about 'tropical house' being a 'thing'. I'm not quite sure which  boxes should be ticked for something to be filed under tropical house (pineapple artwork, jungle-field recordings and loads of steel drums anyone?) but if the Vine of Souls EP by Cherry Garcia is anything to go by I'm all in.

The title track on the A side is the sonic equivalent of slipping into a steamy tub full of cheeky babes. Delectable wonky bossa-beatdown with lush, Mexican standoff-ish steel guitar lines and crowd chanting, what's not to like? Also on the A-side is Feathers like Fingertips, another pearl of a track with Latin drum…

Skylevel Vol. 7 (Skylevel)

If you're partial to original, off-kilter reworks, a new Skylevel record is always something to look forward to. Ever since we got sent a copy of the first installment for reviewing purposes by the guys behind the imprint in 2011 we've been snapping up everything to have come out of the Skylevel camp. They're one of the few gangs out there that continually prove there's life left yet in the tired and saturated edit industry. The seventh edition of the series reared its lovely head at the tail-end of 2014 over at Oye in Berlin (who seem to have a firm finger in all discerning disco-pies these days) and saw a general release a few weeks later, but as with a few other records we covered on these pages recently, our copies got stuck in a parcel that got lost in the Canadian woods (screw you mounties) so it took an eternity to find its way to Amsterdam. But it's here at last in all its shiny 12" glory, and a repress just hit the shops, so let's dig in shall we…

Foster - Neon Life (Phantom Island)

Round three on our favourite new imprint of 2014 and the Swiss label knocked it out of the park again. Lexx & Co introduce Foster to the roster. I had a quick look at his discography and it looks like the man produced a handful of records/remixes under his Soultourist moniker for established labels like Delusions of Grandeur, Compost and Drumpoet Community about a decade ago and then fell off the radar. Throw on his Neon Life EP and you instantly recognize someone who knows his way around the studio though and seems keen on exploring new musical avenues instead of going for the jugular.

Tease The Cat on the A might clock in well below 100 BPM territory, it sure doesn't lack drive. Punchy, rolling drums and a big pulsating bassline dictate the pace, dubby synth- and sitar lines provide depth and warmth and ethnic and distant vocals add a bit of mystique to an astonishing production. If you liked early 6th Borough Project you should feel right at home here.

With AEIOU, Foster t…

Golden Ivy - Sketches of Golden Ivy (Fasaan)

Fact: everything coming out of the Oye Records nest is boss. Fact 2: Fasaan are in a league of their own when it comes to midtempo dubby, trippy, organic boogie slash disco. Fact 3: this record has been out for a good while now - you most likely already have it - but our copy accidentally got shipped off to Canada and took ages to find its way back to the mainland. Plus there's no editor in chief yelling at us for missing a deadline, so here's the 411 on Fasaan's latest outing called 'Sketches of Golden Ivy'.

Rather unsurprisingly, it's in-house producer Golden Ivy behind the controls here, dishing out a tripple whammy. Vanda Blad on the A-side side (which, according to Google Translate, is Swedish for 'turn the page') is a quintessential Fasaan track. Smooth, playful percussive elements and synth lines set the mood, while square boogie drums and sharp claps set the pace. Once the majestic, rubbery bassline gets going everything falls into place perfec…

Edits des Amateurs Vol. 2

In the first week of the new year we got a message from the Edits des Amateurs gang, offering us loyal customers dibs on their new 10". Their first release - a frantic afrotastic percussive wonkfest by Diskoking Burnhart McKoolski - was the stuff of legends and one of those ultimate secret weapons that has kids running up to the booth faster than Jlaw's fappening beavershots vanished from the net. It's about as hard to find as said shots too (or so I've been told, as we obviously highly respect physical integrity and frown upon those with loose morals. Besides, every time you enter those keywords and hit 'I feel lucky' a baby unicorn dies and we don't want magical blood on our hands). Long story short:  we kindly did the needful, whipped out the plastic and a few days later the UPS dude dropped off our first purchase of 2015.

As with their first release, it's a limited 10" affair in a handstamped sleeve. I don't know what it is about 10" …