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Mark E - Special FX and Works 2005-2009 Vol 2

Just a quick headsup to let you know there´s some grand new stuff coming out on Mark E´s MERC imprint soon. First up is a 12" with two tracks you might have heard in his recent mixes, Special FX on the A and Christo on the flip. Both cuts are ace but I´m particularly excited about the prospect of playing out the quirky midtempo 80s boogiefest that is Special FX, an exceptional track and one of Mark's best productions so far in my humble opinion.

Up next is the second volume of Mark´s selected edits and reworks (the very things that kickstarted his career and the masses' interest in slowing things down a notch or two). The first installment was a most classy affair, but I´m sure some of you were hoping to finally get your hands on Scared (Mark´s seminal Womack and Womack edit, which is impossible to find on vinyl). Happy to report that ´Scared´ features on Works 2005-2009 vol 2, alongside the equally brilliant Formed, Under Your Spell and a few bits that have never been rel…

Toby Tobias - Macasu (Late Night Audio)

Much new goodness to speak of this past week. One massive new 12" worthy of mention is the new Late Night Audio release - a label that that has stemmed very succesfully from the blinding club nights these guys throw in London; and their label has seemingly only further cemented their smashing rep. For this new one entitled, 'Macasu' they've enlisted the services of none other than the very talented Toby Tobias aka Casinoboy, widely known for his many excellent Rekids releases, among many others.

Four solid tracks up on offer here, 3 of which are versions of the title tune, each quite diverse and none disappoint. MCDE has a big showing here, churning out a sexy female vocal sample that riddles its way around an oh-so-catchy piano hook. Along with Danilo's trademark beat we've got the recipe for a winner on our hands here. The Adriatic Disco mix is a stealthy balearic synth ride, perfect for deep hazy summer nights, must say I'm looking well forwar…

Disco Deviance Compilation (CD)

Another week, another fabulous CD comp. After the rather excellent shiny discs by the Shoes crew (Shoes your Illusions) and Small World Disco (They Call It Edit), this time around it's Disco Deviance who are treating us to a collection of classy edits that were previously only available on vinyl. The DD camp cherrypicked their impressive backcat for the compilation, treating us to a predictably fine selection of edits and reworks by the likes of Greg Wilson , Eddie Tour, Pete Herbert and Ashley Beedle. It's a particular treat to hear Fat Camp's 'Going Crazy' again, one of Disco Deviance's finest moments to date and a beast of a party starter.

Alongside these tried and tested nuggets, there's four brand new edits thrown in for good measure. Again, it's a Fat Camp rework that tickles my pickle most here, fattening up and extending Pamplemousse's You Can Get Off The Music to great effect. All ten tracks on the compilation are ace though, and this nic…

Sir Woolfy/DJ Spun - Brooklyn Creams (Whatchawannado)

Ahh always nice to have a good week of nice releases in our little world. This one's a grand little package by Rong/Mindless Boogie all-stars Woolfy and Dj Spun out of L.A. and NYC respectively, who bring us a couple of top tracks on the relatively new US label Whatchawannado. 'Brooklyn Creams' is their second release, and with two hot cuts it seems they're onto something mighty good. The title track on the A side is a stellar pitched-down and reworked version of Street Man by the 70's disco band Brooklyn Dreams'. We're welcoming the sub 110 tempo of this one, along with the moody vocal and disco strings. A definite warmup winner.

Spun's on the flip, 'Straight To The Bar' is a slightly more uptempo number that hits the bullseye in terms of musical elements: fat-ass bassline, snappy woodblocks, cowbell, delightfully reverbed claps topped off with an especially dreamy organ riff make this tune go down extremely well. Unfortunately you ca…

Daniel Solar - No More Hits #3

Hot on the heels of Nicholas´ recent excellent 12" on No More Hits (featuring splendid bottom-heavy reworks of early 90s house classics) comes this three track EP by Berlin-based producer Daniel Solar. ´All I Need´ on the A-side is a hypnothising midtempo deephouse track that works around a swirly filtered vocal loop. On the flip Solar drops the tempo for the classy chugger ´Got To See Her´. My pick of the EP is the final track ´Hurt Me´, a most delicious moody slowburner (105 BPM) that works a treat in midtempo/warmup sets.

Keep an eye out for Daniel Solar, who´ll be making his first appearance on our very own Sleazy Beats Recordings this summer. More info on that, and an exclusive Sleazy Beats mix by Senor Solar to follow soon on these pages.

Go on then, Pick ´er up here

Eddie C - Sleazotica (Kolour Limited)

Eddie C, The Canadian crownprince of beatdown disco, strikes again with a magnificent EP on a new offshoot of the most classy Kolour imprint (which has been our favorite American deephouse label for years now). The Kolour crew snapped up three of Eddie´s tracks for a special Kolour Limited 12" (pretty blue vinyl!), and boy what a treat this record is. Sleazotica on the A side is the kind of lush, pitched down moody 9-minute journey (BPM well under 90) only Eddie can make. On the flip we get ´A Simple Song´, a midtempo chugger wrapped around a vocal loop trying to convince us it´s just a simple song. Yeah right, simple as in ridiculously groovy. My pick of the bunch is the third track on the EP though, ´Rising´, which is a sublime rework of Keni Burke´s Rising to the Top. Eddie has sprinkled his magic dust all over this one and showcases exactly why he´s the hottest name in beatdown disco land.

Fantastic record on a fantastic label, and Eddie´s debut on an American imprint. You …

LTJ XPerience - They Call it Edit (CD)

Fantastic compilation on offer here, showcasing the delicious reworks and edits our friend LTJ XPerience has done for the fledgling Small World Disco Edits imprint (we covered some of the 12" on these pages before). This neat little package contains 10 unmixed tracks, including 5 brand new rerubs. Things start off slowly with 'Light', a lush 94 BPM disco beast that is infectious as hell. Other highlights are Cry (an ace Marvin Gaye rerub), the midtempo funk bomb 'Heartbeat' (think chuggy beats and horns, lots of horns) and the smashing 'Spirit' (which has been glued to the front of my bag since I picked up the 12" a few months ago). In short: they're all grand , they're all essential, and for the price of a few beers you'll have a selection of classy rerubs on a pretty round disc that most definately will make your life better.

LTJ really IS the master of this corner of the universe.

Listen to Light here and whip out your creditcard before …

Digital Beatdown

Quick headsup to let you know that our second release, LTJ's Secret Service EP, has hit Juno Download. Both tracks have found their way into the bags of some of our favorite DJs and have made an appearance on recent mixes mixes by the likes of Cottam and 6th Borough Project. The kind people at Juno did a nice little writeup on the EP:

"The Beatdown Soundmachine, aka reasonably obscure Italian producer Luca Trevisi, brings us the second release on the fledgling Sleazy Beats imprint. Their debut EP, from Canadian producer Eddie C, set the disco bar incredibly high and Trevisi doesn't disappoint here either, dropping two slo-mo bombs of his own. Both "Groove Is On My Mind" and "More Love" will find adulation from anyone who enjoyed the recent output on Delusions of Grandeur or Instruments of Rapture. Sub 110BPM, groovy disco-house: sleazy does it once again"

Buy the EP here for the price of a pint. There's a few copies of the 12" left, so pic…