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Sleazy Tweats

We're about to welcome our 10.000th visitor on these here pages! Have to say we're honoured so many of you care to read our ramblings on this music we love so much. To mark the occasion, we decided to get with the times and set up a Twitter account. Come follow us and we'll let you in on a bit of a secret....

Sleazy Twitter

Wolf Music 03: the record of the year

Boy do Wolf Music have something special brewed up for us. The label first reared its lovely head early this summer with a smashing debut: two fantastic rerubs of Atmosfear's classic 'Dancing in Outer Space' by The Revenge and Greymatter, and two sublime cuts by newcomer KRL we waxed lyrical about on these pages a while ago. The record sold out in a matter of weeks, firmly establishing the new imprint on the midtempo disco/house scene.

Now the follow-up is about to hit the shops, and Wolf enlisted the services of a very special cast: Eddie C, The Revenge, KRL and BE deliver a track each for what has to be the 12" of the the year. It's no coincidence we covered music by all these gents over the past months: they are the current rulers of the midtempo dubby disco realm, and they sure don't disappoint here. All four cuts are absolute belters - the loopy downtempo Curtis by the Revenge, the fantastic midtempo 'My Woman' by Sleazybeats' favorite Eddie C …

Electric Minds - Electric Minds vol 1

After a string of reviews of midtempo chuggers (or 'stonerhouse' as some of my friends call it) it's time for a more upbeat affair. The excellent Electric Minds label just released a CD compilation (unmixed) with some of the best tracks of their impressive backcatalogue, featuring tracks and reworks by the likes of Yam Who?, Ilija Rudman, Steve Kotey and Max Essa: all essential stuff for people that like their disco served hot. We caught up with label boss Dolan Bergin and asked him what this shiny disc is all about...

what made you decided to put out a compilation? Do you expect to reach a different audience (the vinyl junkies and the digital kids will most likely already own all of the tracks that are featured on the comp)

"I thought it was a nice way to celebrate reaching our tenth 12” release. Vinyl is also not always accessible in some parts of the world so hopefully the cd is more affordable for anyone that wants to own the back catalogue. The cd was also produc…

Mark E - Codsall Juniors (Endless Flight)

Well we've talked alot about Mark E recently, but with damn good reason, as the man's been hard at work putting out mid-tempo scorchers of the highest calibre. Not only the tasty dub remix of Fallen Hero, but also his latest debut Merc release that has floored us here at Sleazy HQ - (both of which you can read about below if you haven't yet). Now he's given us even more reason to get down with further September output of his own - his 'Codsall Juniors' release on the superb Endless Flight (Mule Musiq) stamp out of Tokyo, Japan.

2 phenomenal mid/slo-tempo house scorchers on offer here, both cuts swathed in midas gold as we have come to expect from no one other than Mark. The title track is likely my pick; it appeared recently on E.F.'s 'I'm Starting to Feel Ok Vol.3' mix CD. The slower of the two, it's a real dreamy floater that takes the listener on one of the deepest trips I've heard from a tune in a good bit. Uber soft and deeep extend-…

Ashley Beedle - Railroad Man (Cosmic Boogie)

If you are into the music that we write about here, there is no doubt that you may have stumbled upon Stu Robinson's Cosmic Boogie blog. It is yet another wonderful corner of the internet, bringing attention to the sounds that we all love. This year the Boogie grew into a record label as well!
For their second release they have enlisted the magic editing wand of Ashley Beedle, and he slices up nothing less than the huge talents of Al Green and Bill Withers. Blasphemy, you say? Why not just play the originals, you ask? Well don't worry, Mr. Beedle has left the intent completely intact on these two classics. What he's done here is simply extended the good bits, turning 'Railroad Man' into a tripped out journey over ten minutes long, and 'Everything Is OK' into a beautifully polished dream. Remastering for more oomph and cutting them nice and loud on the wax didn't hurt either.
Check out some samples and purchase the vinyl here, but in order to real…

Mark E - Get yourself together/You * MERC

Midtempo house tsar Mark E finally unleashes his new MERC imprint, and I have to say its maiden voyage is truly spectacular. Two tracks on offer here, 'Get yourself together' and 'You'. The first is an uplifting acidic number that featured on Mark's ace RA Podcast last year. The latter is a discofied midtempo affair that shuffles in all the right places. If you liked Mark's records on Running Back you'l love this funky little workout. Limited to 500 copies, this release is sure to sell out before the end of the week, so make sure to grab one now. A grand opening.

Have a listen and order here.

Meanwhile, keep an eye out for MERC02, a highly limited CD with unreleased edits and rerubs.

Nu Frequency - Fallen Hero (MCDE and Mark E rmx)

Oh man, what a week this has been release wise. We already covered the excellent Sample Pleasures 04 by the Popular People's front. Floating Points dropped the follow up to his seminal 'Love me like this' in the form of Vacuum Boogie on Eglo, a record DJs worldwide are creaming their pants over - and rightfully so. Red Rack'em surprised us with a rather tasty outing on Autodiscoteque, and well-respected deephouse imprint Kolour went disco and unleashed a delish EP by Crazy P.

My pick of the week has to be Nu Frequency's 'Fallen Hero' on Rebirth though. Italian label Rebirth is a bit hit or miss for me (too many non-descript deephousers and way too many non-descript remixes of said deephousers). Every once in a while though, Rebirth puts out a real gem, such as Nu Frequency's lush 'Go that Deep', which was remixed to perfection by Charles Webster.

This remix package of 'Fallen Hero' definately falls into the 'gem' category. Rennie…

Popular People's Front - Sample Pleasures 04

The mighty Popular People's Front just dropped their fourth in the essential Sample Pleasures series. By now you should know what to expect: chugging, wiggly beats with dollops of funk and soul, lifted from a boatload of old and forgotten records. Four tracks on offer here, all in the 112-120 BPM range, and they're all sweeter than the average everything. My picks are Space Race, a midtempo beast with an acidic bassline smothered in Marvin Gaye samples, and Sweet Music, an uplifting disco workout with a supercatchy vocal loop.

As usual, the artwork looks nothing short of amazing, adding some extra value to an already great package. You know the drill, buy now before they're all gone and fetch silly amounts on Discogs.

Have a listen to Space Race here:

Hidden History Recordings 01

We covered the launch of new Italian label Hidden History Recordings a while ago. Happy to report their first - and utterly ace- single by LTJ X-Perience and Riccio finally surfaced today. Lovely stuff, get your orders in before they're all gone!

If you missed it the first time 'round, you can check our review here

The Mole/Eddie C - 7 Inches of Love

Yes, we know, it's getting ridiculous. Every other record we cover here seems to be by Eddie 'Hot Hands' C. Then again, our Canadian friend's musical output is simply exceptional. Here he joins forces with the Mole, another massively talented Canuck, who has launched the new 7 Inches of Love imprint, an outlet for dubby, down/midtempo disco rerubs by The Mole himself and a few select friends. As the name of the label suggests, we're dealing with lovely shiny 7"s here, highly limited and handstamped.

The A side, 'Hello My Love', is a sublime midtempo percussive, funky number with a delicious bassline and piano stabs. Secret weapon alert for all DJs that play warm-up sets and/or classier bars. Flip over for Eddie C's downtempo gem 'Hold On', a hypnothysing groover with a lush vocal loop and a wicked synth line at the end of the track, highly sought after since appearing on Cole Medina's superb Disk Union mix.

Berlin's Hardwax store (of …