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The Francis Inferno Orchestra - Meet Me In Salt Lake City (Under The Shade)

After appearances on samplers on Dikso and Wolf Music, Melbourne-based producer Francis Inferno Orchestra gets to headline Under The Shades' latest offering, a record we've been eagerly awaiting for the past six odd months. The title track is a delightful midtempo deephouse chugger that builds and builds in all the right places. Chuggy, warm drums? Check. Sloppy, swingin' soulclap? Check. Sweet piano rolls? Check. Sweet vocal loop to keep things going? Check. Deep rolling bass? Check. A pearl of a tune this, expect to hear this getting played all across the board. On the flip we get Me & You, another beast of a midtempo workout treading the fine line between deephouse and disco, and again. FIO sets the filters to stun here, and the heavy drums, slap bass, shuffly hats and cheeky male vocal combo works a treat. Deadly stuff, can't wait to play this out.

The fun doesn't end there though, with two heavyweights on remix duty. Both Soulclap and Eddie 'Midas Touc…

Megadon Betamax - Don't Ask (Voyeurhythm)

Sorry we haven't been posting as much lately, but all of us men of Sleaze have little babies keeping us up all night now, and it's proving increasingly difficult to squeeze in a little review in between changing nappies, running the label and falling asleep on the couch watching reruns of antique roadshow. We'll try to pick up the pace a little though in the next few weeks, as there's a barrage of awesome music coming our ways. The upcoming Wolf Music release deserves a few words, the new Dikso release ticks all the right boxes for us, Onur Engin is about to launch his own edit imprint, LTJ 'Supervalue' XPerience is dropping bombs left and right, Delusions of Grandeur's Norm De Plume put out a most tasty pair of edits on his new label Plumage... the list seems endless. We'll try to cover at least a few of these beasts to help you fill your christmas stockings.

Just a few lines about the new release on the ever classy Voyeurhythm before we leave you to i…

Sleazy Update - SBR005 * Daniel Solar - 13th Hour Ep *

Wanted to take a moment to let you know about our latest sleazy project that's just recently materialized. Following up on the wow-factor of Into My Life - his contribution to our sleazy family sampler release a few months back, we simply had to enlist the talents of Daniel Solar (No More Hits/Dikso) for a full on ep, as there was obviously a need to showcase more of his production talents to the fullest extent.

Daniel has generously done up 3 beautiful tracks that we're more than proud to have come out on sleazy wax, entitled the 13th Hour Ep. The deal is the same as usual, vinyl only, fresh new artwork - limited run. Get your mits on this one, big support from the likes of a few of our favourite heroes: Cottam, The Revenge, Mark E, LTJ Xperience and Chris Keys so far to name a few. We think this is an essential release obviously...but as we've often said before - it feels a bit weird to hype our own wares, so luckily Juno has done up a stellar review that do…

Cisco Cisco - If You Want Me (Apersonal)

We haven't heard much about the Spanish disco or deep house scene..often when we think of Spanish dance music, quality underground stuff doesn't exactly spring to mind. But when we heard the new Trujillo release on Barcelona's Apersonal Music 001 release that dropped a month or so ago featuring the talents of Venezuelan don Trujillo, along with heavy hitter remixes by the likes of Social Disco Club and Mark E needless to say we were pleasantly surprised. Back with a vengeance the newbie imprint drops it's sophomore release in top form with this debut ep by Portugal's Cisco Cisco, entitled If You Want Me.

The main cut If You Want Me comes in two flavours, the original of which is my pick of the pack. Simply a gorgeous tune, it starts off tidy and slow, hooking you straight away, then chugs and rises, picking up new elements that add spice and dollops of flair; like cut up vocal snips, electronic organ stabs and snappy snares complete this oh-so-sweet package for me. …

Isodisco / Sleazy Tees

As you've no doubt already heard, we've made up a couple of really quality sleazy tees that were the result of a little design comp we had a few months ago. We had tons of designs to choose from but in the end we had the tough job of narrowing it down to just two, by Lucie Barriere & Matt McDonald. We think they look pretty badass and thought we'd post up a pic of Mark Whyte from Isodisco sporting his (Lucie's design) at their recent show with The Revenge in Belfast.

If you'd like to pick one up one of these killer tees they're print on demand from Zazzle (check the internet for discount codes first, or at checkout) just click the link under our 'Sleazy Beats Store' tab above, and it should ping you over to the sleazy tee shop. Be sure to visit the Isodisco blog too, the boys update it regularly with new mixes, downloads and tons of tasty bits of info that we're often on about here at Sleazy towers. Essential!