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Matt Moroder - Secret Secret (Little Leaf)

Massive tune on the B side of this first outing of new German label Little Leaf by Glossy Edits' Matt Moroder. According to the release notes it is a rework of a big 70s tune, though I have to admit I have no idea what the source material is. The basic idea of 'Secret Secret' is actually rather simple. Loopy, heavy, messy drums (think Mark E in his Jisco years), chunky percussion that really gets you in headnod mode and some gritty guitar licks make it a most hypnothising ride. After a a few minutes a vocal loop makes its entrance and things get a bit psychedelic with spacy synth lines and trippy keys. Simple, maybe, but incredibly effective and engaging. I'm sure this will work a treat when played at the right moment.

☆ little leaf ☆ # 01- Secret Secret by matt moroder

Comes in a really nice screen printed sleeve and is a vinyl only affair. Oh yeah, before I forget, the A side of the record is an edit of a latin disco number by Nelue that isn't half bad either, but…

Deadly Sins - Giant Cuts vol 2

Lovely second release on the new Giant Cuts imprint by Deadly Sins, who serves up another 4 expertly reworked disco cuts here. The first release on Giant Cuts was a bit of a hit in disco land (heavy support by the likes of Cosmic Boogie and Greg Wilson) and rightfully so. In a market that is swamped with sup-par sloppy edits, the Deadly Sins outfit brings old classics back to life by changing around the arrangement in clever ways and adding just the right amount of oomph to old and forgotten soul and disco nuggets. Larry's Fat in particular has been given a right ol' rinsing at Sleazy HQ.

A rerub of Lenny William's 'Choosing You' kicks things off nicely with its chuggy drums and steady groove. If you're partial to a bit of deep and dirty midtempo disco sleaze, the second track on the A, 'Sugar Honey', will work a treat for you. On the flip we get a deadly (seen what I did there?) rework of Ned Doheny's 'To Prove My love' which is my pick of t…

Stupid Human - Ah You're Welcome (Stupid Human 002)

Swamp Funk, Stupid Human's debut release that came out a few months ago was an instant hit in the disco/re-edit scene, and rightfully so - if you missed it make sure to drop whatever it is you're doing and run out to your nearest recordstore, Swamp Funk is a ridiculously infectious rework of an obscure vocal track with dirty claps, oodles of oomph and a fair bit of southern grit.

Happy to see the next episode in the Stupid Human saga rear its lovely head, featuring four new rerubs. Things start off rather nicely with Ahh You're Welcome, a dubby take on Rufus and Chaka Khan's Stop On By with a juicy kick and a steady groove. Leo Zero did an edit of the same track for the Popular People's Front Limited Series. That record is A: rare as hen's teeth and B: way too short, so I'm happy as can be "l'Homme Stupide" decided to give it a sonic makeover. Still Alive, also on the A is a skit of a choir chanting something about being alive. I'm sure it…

OOFT - Ride Into The Red Zone (Foto)

Seriously hot release out on wax (finally!) by the mischeivous dream team from Glasgow who need no intro on these pages: OOFT - aka Ali Heron and The Revenge, who offer up a couple of right tasty numbers on Foto Recordings, Ali's new imprint. As we've mentioned previously we're huge fans of the OOFT cats, pretty much anything they touch is the equivalent of a musical money shot in our humble opinion. From subterranean deepness to funkafied quirky disco and funk edits and everything in between, these boys deliver quality and nothing but.

The A here fires off the title track Ride Into The Red Zone, a right classy deep houser a-la 90s era that ventures into proper slowhouse territory complete with a great male vocal, dubby low end sub-bass and a serious late night vibe that all combine to make this one of the best house tunes I've heard in some time. An instant winner here at SBHQ, this one's my pick. The B flips us Spanky Spanky, a right infectious rework of Jimmy Bo …

Tornado Wallace - Tornado Never Dies EP (SBR003)

After a bit of a delay (some issues with the pressing plant) our long overdue third release by Melbourne's Tornado Wallace has finally hit the shops. About 6 months ago, 6th Borough Project's Craig Smith did a mix for us, and one of the standout tunes on that fine blend was That's The Thing by a certain Tornado Wallace. We tracked him down on myspace (yeah I know, so 2007), pressed play....and creamed our pants. The rest, as they say, is history.

Be My Ladyboy on the A is a deep midtempo burner with a relentless groove, a clever vocal loop, squeeks and bleeks in all the right places and a breakdown to die for (trust us, it's been tried and tested by some of our favorite DJs, we've had some great feedback). On the B, the title track Tornado Never Dies is a lush 105BPM ride into tropic disco territory. The tune starts off with a male vocal setting the mood just right before unleashing entering a lush groove that winds and builds and winds and builds. The uptempo numb…

Onur Engin - Onur Engin Edits (Square)

Fresh new imprint by Istanbul's Onur Engin, whose soundcloud page is filled to the brim with some incredibly smooth and classy edits. This first release on Square features some of Onur's finest bits indeed, kicking off with a chuggy rerub of William DeVaughn's Be Thankful, which will work a treat on all discerning floors and has been played all over the place by giants like Greg Wilson and Dicky Trisco. Next up is a rather fantastic dubby rework of Diana Ross' Brown Baby. Onur's additional drums and percussion turn this track into headnodding fodder of the highest order. On the flip we get two more edits: Gene Harris' As and Joaoa Donato get the Engin treatment. Both are nice enough and will get you some beaming smiles on the dancefloor, but it's the tracks on the A side that will do the real damage this summer.

Have a listen to Brown Baby:
Diana Ross - Brown Baby (Onur Engin Edit) by Onur Engin

Limited pressing and no downloads in the pipeline people, so pic…