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Dawdle Hustle - High To The Sky (Dawdle Hustle)

The other day, we got an actual job application in here at SB HQ from a business student that was about to graduate and 'eager to work in the music industry and explore the possibilies of social media in order to increase label revenues'. The person in question also indicated she'd be more than happy to move to The Netherlands to work at 'the Amsterdam office of Sleazy Beats'. Getting messages like this, or inquiries about "the possibilities of picking up backstock at our Copenhagen warehouse' always crack me up. The harsh reality is that instead of warehouses and glorious offices with scantily clad interns, we're just a bunch of geeks with kids, dayjobs, an internet connection and unhealthy vinyl-buying habits.

And to add to the geekery, we've been obsessed with twelves from Japan as of late. After an extensive hunt, we finally managed to get two copies of Being Borings on Crue-L right before the end of 2011. Then we got a whiff of Mick's …

Common Edit 4 (Common Edit)

After Eddie C's new one on Red Motorbike and the second release on Hristo's Honey Disco, yet another delightful 45 from Canada hits the shops this week, on our favorite Common Edit imprint no less (note to self: convince Dane, Ed and Hristo to release a compilation called Maple Leaf Disco™). We've actually had a copy of this for quite a while (cross-Atlantic testpressing/promo exchange postal system for the win here) so a few kind words about this magnificent little record are definately in order.

If you've picked up any of the other Common Edit releases, you know what to expect by now:  downtempo disco/soul obscurities gently and lovingly reworked, pressed on handstamped 7" vinyl in limited quantities. Secret Lover - new to the Common Edit roster - takes care of the A side here, whose 'My Only Mistake' takes the vintage hiphop route with its broken beats and choppy vocal samples, helped along by a lovely piano line and moody bass. The result is pure aud…

Partytime in Amsterdam June 23rd

And in other news: we were kindly invited to come play some records at the third edition of Blijwatch over at Amsterdam's Blijburg on the 23rd of June. It's an amazing venue 'slash' manmade beach. Not sure what 'Apres Ski Disco' entails but it sure sounds like a lot of fun. Come give us a hi-5 if you're in town, we're playing back to back so we'll have all the time in the world for a few beers and merry banter...

Here's the inevitable FB page for the event, hope to see you there!

Eros - Vol. 3 (Eros)

The third and final release on the cheeky EROS imprint just came out, and while I'll pass on the two cuts on the A-side (there's only so much proto house squeekyness I can handle), the B-side is absolutely bitchin'. Not much info to work with here (and we're definately not going to be party poopers by telling you who's behind these releases) so just a few words about the tracks that are doing it for me instead. The first tune on the B is a sloppy chugger with chopped up vocals and lots of crazy sounds going on (remember those crush effects Leo Zero used on his seminal I Got Soul rework? something along those lines, it's badass). The second track is a dirty little groover that sounds like it was made on a casio in the late 80s, with yet more wailing vocals and a massive analogue bassline. I hardly ever play stuff over the 120 BPM mark but I'll gladly make an exception for this. The short samples on Juno really don't do these two puppies any justice, the…

Kid Sublime/Ugly Drums/Jayson Brothers (Faces/MCDE)

A V.A. release with edits. Yes, I can picture your eyes glazing over, what with the disco/edits scene being swamped with mediocre, uninspiring stuff these days. But as with every genre, there's always a bit of the good in between all the bad and ugly. And this 12" on MCDE's Faces imprint can definitely be filed under 'good'. For one, because Kid Sublime makes an appearance on the A side. We've been total fanboys since those ace Basement Works releases came out a few years ago, great to see him back in action here. The backbone of his 'Won't Give You Up', a 120 BPM-ish slice of moody disco is an infectious, gloopy groove and deep bassline, on which a proper diva vocal sample rides back and forth. Add a few massive breakdowns to the mix and Bob's your uncle. Killer tune (and yes, it sounds great pitched down by -4 in case you were wondering).

Flip over for Ugly Drums' "Get Up", a decidedly less housy affair but one of the best cut,…