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Das Komplex - Nowadays (Father and Son Records and Tapes)

Apart from the wholesome loopy disco fodder and chugging house cuts we tend to go apeshit over, we're also slightly extremely obsessed with bits that fall into the 'balearic' (cringe) camp. Tropical beatdown, tripshlopped, dubby gear with soft drums that you probably won't hear too often at Fabric London or even at Chalet in Berlin for that matter, but stuff that just soothes the battered soul. Stuff that you really just want to hear at home when you're in need of supreme background headnodding beats of the highest order.

One of the best 12's in this category of late has been from Polish artist Das Komplex, aka Marcin Lukaszewicz out of Koszalin in the north-west of the country. Not too much info on senor Komplex floating around in cyberspace actually, with only one release listed on Discogs and most info is often found in Polish (even with our best polish we'd probably end up with a virgin daquiri instead of a thirst-quenching piwo, sadly). There could be…

Moonrise Agency for bookings

Just a quick headsup to let you know we joined the Moonrise Agency roster. It's very humbling to be listed alongside some of our heroes like LTJ Xperience, Frank Booker, Martin Hayes and Pete Herbert. For more info or bookings get in touch with Nico at Moonrise over here.

MermaidS - Nightwalking (Goodship Records)

The inaugural release of MermaidS's new Goodship label has been out for a good while now but somehow ended up on the bottom of our monster pile of 'records to review'. I stumbled upon it again this weekend while trying to restore a bit of order in the utter chaos that is my record collection - a challenge of Biblical proportions that invariably leads to playing music for hours and creating even more chaos - and whacked it back on top of the review stack, as it's a pearl of a record that deserves a bigger audience.

We've been following the Scottish outfit behind the wonky moniker since we picked up their 'One' release that surfaced back in 2012. That record never left the bag. In fact, 'Deep in It' off that 12" has been one of our most prized secret weapons and never fails to get some spotty geek to ask for an ID. It's not hard to see why. MermaidS' output sits somewhere between the loopy, compressed gear of Tiger & Woods and Mark E…

Pools - Innertubes (Razor-N-Tape Reserve)

Our bros from other ma's over at stateside imprint Razor-N-Tape, JKriv & Aaron Dae have just released their 4th slab of wax on their sublabel R-N-T Reserve. Which is actually their 17th record if you count the ten they've put our on the regular label plus the three 45s. Yep the duo have been busy honing their A&R skills with the label over the past few years and it's been paying off big, netting for this release the LA based duo Pools - aka DJ Morse Code and Mike B, who we fell absolutely head over heels in love with back in '11 with their two simultaneous releases on mysterious edit label Spills.

So with nothing from them to go on since then, what have we here? Well it would seem the Pools boys really just take their time with their productions, as everything is still intact here from a quality perspective. Enter stage left a lovely full colour sleeved LP-of-sorts entitled 'Innertubes' complete with Simpsons-esque cover art. Disc A (hot muthafunkin…

Dream Chimney - Dream Chimney Dubs (American Standard)

It's been a good while since we last heard from American Standard, the label that brought us that Beegees edit by Cole Medina when the whole slo-mo edit craze took off 6 years ago. After a string of well-received releases by the likes of The Drunk, Rayko and Social Disco Club, we assumed the plug got pulled on the label in 2012. Good things come those who wait though, and this fresh slab of wax by  Dream Chimney should most definitely be filed under good things. Exceptional things, even, as we're treated to a majestic pair of deep balearic disco biscuits here by the San Fran-based blogger/producer.
'Featherbed for Hatchback' is some class A trippy shit with its hi-energy synth lines, pulsating bassline and vintage tom drums. It kind of reminds me of some of Mark E's hypnotic loopy gear from a few years ago and wouldn't have been out of place on Keyboard Masher's KM imprint. The latter could also be said for the ace 80's shoulderpad/electro/boogie cut Ch…