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Hunting for Sleaze

Every other day polite (and not so polite) e-mails reach Sleazy HQ inquiring about digital release dates ("whaddup you cannae find tis bitch on the Port nahmean. One Love") or help tracking down one of the records from our back catalogue. If you've been reading these pages, you should know by now we don't "do" digital (not now, not ever), so that's question number one answered for you. We also stick to the whole 'limited thing' (which means no represses, just one run and then they're gone). We would however like to help out those of you hunting for copies of our releases, as we know how infuriating it can be when you really want a record but just can't find it for the life of you. So here's the first edition of the 'Beginners guide to finding what you seek'. Hope it helps. Oh and stop saying 'One Love' will you, I have no idea what that actually means.

SBR009: The Dead Rose Music Company / Moody Manoeuvres EP
Came out l…

Pop & Eye - Toil For Olive Oyl EP (Editainment)

Here at Sleazy Towers we are all about the physical product. Sure we play our share of digital downloads, but nothing quite matches up to a hot slab of wax rotating on the turntable. We are especially pleased when the record labels go that extra mile and do special bits such as limited pressings, silk screened record sleeves, colored vinyl, stickers, hand numbered releases... we're into all of that. So we're excited to hear about this great new 12" out now on theEditainment label. Their releases tend to be hand-stamped with love on both the record and the sleeve, and this one is no exception. The edits here are done by the Pop & Eye crew, which has been rumored to be none other than Tiger & Woods...although they deny everything. The liner notes say that this disc contains "four tracks like gentle uppercuts". Sounds fitting to me!
As their moniker suggests the Pop & Eye duo tend to edit more radio-friendly selections. Not an issue here. It is …

Frank Booker - Hope (Fine Art)

We can safely claim that this 10" record by Frank Booker is the year's first essential release. We've been staunch fans of Mr. Booker since we first started this place (I just went through the archives and we first mentioned the New-Zealand based producer in 2009 when we covered his second release on Untracked) so everytime his name pop up in some obscure pre-order section or newsletter we get just a little excited (pulse goes up, dilated pupils and trachea etc). He doesn't put out much music (a handful of EPs over the past few years), but the tunes that do find its way onto vinyl are invariably exceptional. Frank's chuggy, fuzzy understated drums and driving basslines are some of the finest in the game, and he has found a way of weaving samples of old and forgotten soul nuggets into his productions that is neither obvious nor easy, layering sound upon sound and effect upon effect while still letting a track 'breathe' and retain the natural swing of the s…

Aihki - Karesuando (Is It Balearic)

Well, with the holidays now safely behind us we are suddenly left with much less cash, a few extra pounds (not the good kind!), coughing, sniffly kids and some colder weather that's kicked in for many of us. Fortunately though we've been pretty lucky discovering a few good tunes to kick off the new year in proper fashion. One shining example that immediately comes to mind that dropped just before the holidays is the latest outing by the Is It Balearic guys (who are completely on fire at the moment) . With a musthave record that came out last summer - 'Slower' - a blisteringly good 4 tracker by I Boat Captain - aka Tiago, with tight remixes by the Backwoods and usual suspect Coyote...the ever dependable IIB boys are back for more once again. This time it's in the form a lovely 12" by newcomer duo Aihki from Helsinki, along with Coyote and Eddie C on remix duties - needless to say this is just what the doctor ordered on these here cold January nights.